Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Finally, some Anime Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time again for this! Welcome to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like Sakura Kinomoto, I can’t stop saying Hoe! As I give you my thoughts, views and opinions on the anime industry. This week, we finally got good anime to talk about, but I am going to talk about other shit instead. Let’s get into it after the cut.

  1. Jesus Christ is it good to have a slate of good anime to watch. I hope we never fucking have a season like we just did. 
  1. There has been some hubbub involving Translators again, and I thought it would be cool to give my thoughts on the idea of translators, especially in this age of twitter and social media.
  1. Reasonable people understand that translating Japanese to English is a difficult process. A perfect 1 to 1 translation is by all accounts impossible when you are trying to be honorable to the source material AND ensure that the book is readable to the audience. Reasonable people are more than willing to give translators some rope on this, and we realize that they have a thankless and difficult job.
  1. But people lose their patience, as we are seeing recently, when some translators see themselves as the moral arbiter of what is right and wrong. To be frank, anime fans don’t want to see translators trying to shape a book’s dialogue into what they think is ‘proper’ and ‘safe’. They want their stories readable in English, warts and all. It is not a translator’s job to decide what is and isn’t right to be printed. It is an apolitical job, full stop.
  1. Spy x Family is already red hot, and I have been shocked at how much it has been hyped up. I do hope the animation keeps up with what was shown in the pilot. I have no doubt there will be some backlash, there always is when something get too popular too fast (see Sword Art Online), but so far it’s great.
  1. Some said last week that anime fans get “about ten years of pure shonen enjoyment’ before everything starts to blend together. I think that is about as true as it can be. We all go through our handful of shows we would die for, then seem to fall out of love with the genre. I know I did after Naruto and Bleach ended and only recently came back to it, but only in dribs and drabs.

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