Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Not Anime Edition?

It’s Monday which means it is time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like we all wish we can do one day, I throw around billions while giving out my opinions on the anime and manga world. Except this week there is no much to talk about in regards to anime, so we are going to talk about some other shit! Sit back, crack open a cold one and let’s get into it!

  1. World of Warcraft revealed it’s new expansion: Dragonflight last week, and it looks pretty cool! I was one of the fans who actually didn’t loathe Shadowlands (it was fine, kneecapped by Covid, but also just fine) but it’s good to see that Blizzard is listening more to player concerns. Let’s hope it turns out to be a good one. I’m a day zero WoW player (17 years strong) so I’ve seen it all.

2. There is a new Ironblood event in Azur Lane coming up, and I’m ready to inject those hot German engineered titties into my veins. Time to whale me some fucking ships bitch!

3. Found a translation of the Tsukihime visual novel remake on YouTube and you bet I’m tearing into that shit! I tried to watch the old one but fell of it hard, so I’ll be glad to see what this new version has to offer!

4. Pineapple on Pizza is an acquired taste. I love tomatoes on pizza though. Frankly any pie loaded up with vegetables is a great feast in my books.

5. Been thinking of getting into Gunpla lately. I built a few master grades in my youth, but I want to try it again, and like really commit to at least one model. Don’t know if I’ll bite the bullet though.

6. You know, I hope Final Fantasy XVI is good. Like, I was a big fan of the series, so I hope that 16ths installment is actually fully completed. That be nice to see.

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