The Summer of Love IV: A Cardcaptor Sakura Primer

Hey guys.

The Summer of Love IV with Cardcaptor Sakura will begin next month! I’m excited to jump back into this series after so many years, and like always, I have plans for what is going to happen. Each time we have done this we go over a primer of what to expect as well as some questions! Let’s get into that after the cut!

Why Cardcaptor Sakura?

Like I said before, Cardcaptor Sakura (CCS for short), remains one of the series that got me back into anime after my wilderness years. I’ve always had a soft spot for the anime, and its legacy for the magical girl genre is deeply significant. Also after three years of more raunchier shows I wanted to do something more fluffy and light hearted.

What you will be talking about?

I’ll be discussing the 70 episode series as well as the first and final concluding film.

Will you be watching in Japanese or English

I’ll be watching the show in the original Japanese version.

Will you be discussing the English dub?

Absolutely not.


The Cardcaptor Sakura dub, known as Cardcaptors, is an absolute travesty of a dub. The pinnacle of the 4kids era’s hubris and arrogance (Yes, worse than the One Piece dub). It completely edits out major swaths of the story, removing much of the characterization and themes. It is a horrible censored mess that frankly doesn’t deserve any mention. I don’t want to be negative on the blog, and there is extremely little in the way of positivity I can give out. I’ll acknowledge that it introduced the western anime fandom to the show, but when you watch what CCS actually is, you’ll be shocked at the differences.

Are you going to be talking about the more ‘eyebrow raising’ implications of the series?

While nothing on the scale of say, Fate/Illya. It is true that Cardcaptor Sakura does have some things that may cause a person some pause. While the original anime did remove some of the more questionable bits, there is enough remaining there to infer certain things. It is connected to my central idea of what the world of CCS is and what it is trying to present. 

So yes, but probably not at the depth that other people want or have.

Who is your favorite character?

Tomoyo, no question.

Favorite Scene?

A tie between the final moment of the anime series, and when Sakura’s mom cures her fever.

What is the schedule like?

SO far it is going to go like this, but please note it is very subject to change.


Week 1: Episodes 1-10

Week 2: Episodes 11-20

Week 3: The Music of Cardcaptor Sakura

Week 4: Episodes 21-30


Week 1: Episodes 31-40

Week 2: Sakura Kinomoto Character Dive

Week 3: Episodes 41-50

Week 4: Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie


Week 1: Episodes 51-60

Week 2: Syaoran Li Character Dive

Week 3: Episodes 61-70

Week 4: The Sealed Card film


Final Thoughts on the Series.

As you can see, there will be plenty to talk about, and I look forward to discussing this legendary series with you! I hope you’ll have fun going on this ride!

One thought on “The Summer of Love IV: A Cardcaptor Sakura Primer

  1. I loved Cardcaptor Sakura, and recently rewatched it in anticipation of a post on the main character… so nice how simple and enthralling the characters were. For me Sakura was my favourite character no doubt.

    I look forward to seeing your review of it! And I’m glad you’re avoiding that abominable Nelvana dub 👍

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