On my Radar for Spring 2022: The Eight Episode Check-In!

Spring 2022 is reaching it’s conclusion and it is time once again to take a look and see how the show are fairing? It’s been a solid season overall, with one big hit and the rest all comfortable in the ‘solid’ territory. What am I watching? What do I think? Let’s see after the cut!

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

My thoughts after eight episodes: Shield Hero continues to be a good show stuck in the shadow of the excellent Jobless Reincarnation. It’s a fun show to watch and the music and story bring great homages to the classic JRPGs. I enjoy sitting down and watching it, and I think that counts for something.

STATUS: My little Raccoon Girl!

Date A Live IV

My thoughts after eight episodes: The Mukuro arc has not been as strong as I expected, but Date A Live remains as always, the B+ harem anime that just won’t stop. With the final spirit in place, the story will no doubt start to move towards its conclusion and if it maintains this good level of quality then I am sure it will be enjoyable. Let’s hope that final episodes help lay the groundwork for that elusive fifth season.

STATUS: This Key will unlock the Boobs!

Spy x Family

My thoughts after eight episodes: When you get a rock-solid manga and give it a rock-solid animation budget. You get the frontrunner for the anime of the year. A anime-darling that actually deserves the praise it has been given. A classic we can only hope won’t burn itself out. What else can I say? SpyxFamily hasn’t missed once, remaining well acted and well paced and, when there is filler, it makes sense for the story. Like I said last time, believe the hype, it really is true.

STATUS: Making that girl apologize!

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Season 3

My thoughts after eight episodes: We are now approaching the point where the brilliance of Kaguyasama is showing itself. Not the rock solid comedy, the perfect voice-casting, the always superb music. No, it’s the fact that Kaguya-sama is able to do what so many shonen shows are unable to do: break the status quo. Among all the hijinks and episodic fluff, there is a main plot and that plot does seriously progress. The upcoming arc and what will happens will no doubt be celebrated among many in the anime fandom, and shows this anime is more about the comedy. Deal with the devil indeed.


Love after World Domination

My thoughts after eight episodes: I was afraid that with Kaguya-sama being so good, something like this would be stuck in the shadows. And yes, while it does not have the charm or brilliance of that series, World Domination is able to carve out its own niche with a great premise and having two really fucking cute characters. I never thought “What if the Red Ranger was dating Rita Repulsa?” would work, but hot damn does it work well here. With good comedy, great homages to Super Sentai, and not being afraid to show a bit of skin, World Domination is a comfort pick I am glad I didn’t walk away from.

STATUS: It’s Dating Time!

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