The Summer of Love IV: The Music of Cardcaptor Sakura

The Summer of Love IV continues! This week we are discussing the music of the series! Cardcaptor Sakura has always had good tunes, and some that are beloved by many. Let’s discuss them after the cut!

Opening Themes

‘Catch You Catch Me’ by Megumi Hinata

The first opening theme of the series and the most famous of them all. It’s upbeat, it’s cheerful and really digs into what you know this show is going to be. Cute costumes, looks at the main characters and that lovable innocence that makes CCS what it is. Not my favorite, but the most notable for sure.

‘Tobira wo Akete’ by ANZA

The second opening took a bit to enjoy, but I do like it. It’s a good middle ground for where the series is. Showing a bit more of what will happen in the plot, but still keeping things magical and friendly. That said I can’t get behind the lyrics and voice, it feels just out of place compared to the second and third.

Platinum by Maaya Sakamoto

My favorite opening of the series and one of my favorite anime openings of all time. Platinum is a wonderful, beautiful and heartfelt song. There is a sense of other worldliness and angelic charm to it, even a kind of grandeur that helps make the series feel epic. Not to mention it is played the final (and my favorite) scene in the entire series. This is a final opening theme that hits all of the right notes, and remains an all time great for the entire art form.

Ending Themes

Groovy! by Kohmi Hirose

This is a catchy song, but the lack of visuals really hurts it. Considering that we see the same thing in the second opening does it far better. A shame, cause again it is a good song at least.

Honey by Chihiro

The best ending theme in my view, showing how minimal visuals can work well. I love the cuteness and playful boredom of this ending and it remains probably the best of the series.

Fruits Candy by Megumi Kojima

Fate/Illya took a few cues from this, as do many magical girl anime do. They just love to cook cakes! It’s an okay ending theme, but rather weak overall. A shame when you consider how amazing the corresponding opening theme is.

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