On my Radar for Summer 2022: Part-Timers, Harem Labyrinths and Overlords!

Spring 2022 is all but over and it has been a very solid outing. That also means that Summer is right around the corner. Taking a look at the list, it seems to be another lesser go around, with no real shows that are heavy-hitters. That said I got a few I want to watch, so let’s see what’s on my radar for Summer 2022 after the cut!

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2

My initial thoughts: The second season that no one expected. Part-Timer has always been a beloved, but niche favourite among the anime community and seeing a follow up, almost nine years since it’s first debut blew everyone’s mind. I am excited for this, but I am also going in with minimal expectations. I’ve heard the show dips more into the fantasy side of the story as things go on, and I have a feeling this isn’t going to be what many people expect. That said, I’m thrilled to come back to this series and I can’t wait.

Overlord IV

My initial thoughts: I’ve become a true believer in Overlord after years of being very lukewarm to it. This remains the most regular Isekai of the “Kadokawa 4” but it has remained remarkably solid with good characters, an interesting world and a fresher take on the usual expectations of an Isekai. It’s great to see Ainz and co back for their fourth outing and I’ll be watching it for sure.

A Harem in a Fantasy World Labyrinth

My initial thoughts: Studio Passione returns to ecchi with what looks like to be another isekai harem, ecchi fantasy. You may roll your eyes at that shit, and sure it is another helping of a well served genre. But fuck it man, get me knife and fork and let me dig into the AT-X version. Let’s see what you can do!

Parallel World Pharmacy

My initial thoughts: An Isekai where the main character decided to dedicate his life to getting affordable health care for the new world he is in? That’s a cool premise and at least warrants taking a look at. It’s never smart to dismiss the Isekai genre because there are so many. Take a taste of what you see and then make a choice. Let’s hope this is a good one!

Engage Kiss

My initial thoughts: This looks like it’ll be a fun premise that is at least worth a shot. I do hope it balances and comedy and has some cute fanservice too. This is my wildcard pick for the season and time will tell if it works out.

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