The Summer of Love IV with Cardcaptor Sakura: Episodes 21-30: Sakura and her Wonderful Role Models

The Summer of Love IV continues! When we last left off we saw Sakura Kinomoto spent time with a nice old man, and her best friend. More Clow Cards were captured, and we got a peek at the anime-only character of Meiling! Now ten more episodes have past and what has happened next? Let’s get into it after the cut!

Continuing the ideas from our last major post, I want to focus more on specific moments in this ten episode run instead of looking at the vast swath of what is there. As always there are many episodes that follow the ‘monster of the week’ format, but unlike last time there are two moments that really stand out: The episode with Sakura’s father, and the episode that introduces Kaho Mizuki.

Kaho does a lot with the little bit she has in the story, and the black blouse helps sell that mysterious vibe.

The latter is overall the more important one plot wise. The introduction of Kaho Mizuki adds a layer of mystery to the story, and her constant popping up in certain scenes, the quiet glances and the all too suspicious smile does wonders in making you think about her motives and place. Her default outfit of the black blouse and long auburn hair instantly makes her stand out in the cast. Syaoran clearly doesn’t trust her, while Sakura is smitten, which is easy to see why. Kaho is a kind and loving character, furthering the idea of CCS’ world of trusting adults. She serves as sort of surrogate mother and big sister to Sakura, and While she is clearly aware of what is going on, she lets Sakura do what she needs to and doesn’t interfere unless she has too. That will be paid off in the later episodes, but for now it is good to see at least one of the adults have an idea of the Clow Cards. Of course her former relationship with Touya links her closer to the main cast, and enjoyed their rather courtly love that ends with mutual understanding that they will reunite with new loves and a deep friendship.

While it’s another eye-brow raising relationship, Touya and Kaho’s bond feels deep and important to the background of the story.

Yet, it is the episode that revolve Sakura and her father that remains not only my favorite episode of the series, but an excellent example of the ‘superman principle’ that is important for series that have magical character. Like with Clark Kent and the death of his adopted father from the titular film of the 70s, the events of this episode and the destruction of her father’s work is an important lesson for Sakura. One that tells her that despite all of her powers, despite all of the abilities the Clow Cards give her, there are some things in the world she cannot change. Even if it is something as simple as a laptop breaking. That event remains a lesson in humility for the character that is important, even in a heartfelt and innocent show like this. And what is more important is that Fujitaka’s reaction is not one of anger, or disappointment. Like any good father he comforts his daughter, assures her that despite her mistake, things are okay, and then tries to make the best out if the situation. For Fujitaka, the lonely widow to have such love and affection for his daughter is a damn admirable trait and something that anime rarely shows well, especially from a father. That’s why it remains my favorite episode, because there are real consequences that the characters grow and learn from.

Fujitaka’s response is one of CCS’s best moments and really makes him a great dad.

Episodes 21 through 30 of Cardcaptor Sakura are more of the same and thankfully more of the same remains fucking great. With two episodes that show the strength and depth of the series, as well as several adventures that keep everything that people love about this series going strong. We are now well into the latter end of the first arc and we will be having one or two big moments before those episodes. I have no doubt they’ll be enjoyable and I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens!

Assorted Thoughts

  • The episode with the Sakura clone was pretty funny when you see her just trashing the entire town. Also the fact that there is like zero follow up to that. I understand of course that the show isn’t focused on that, but it was quite funny.
  • There are a few more episodes here that feel more fillery than before. Most notably the one where Sakura shrinks or the one with the Dash card. They are fine episodes, but feel far more like trying to pad for time than other episodes have.
  • Meiling continues to be an absolute gem for this story. Her attitude and rivalry against Sakura really helps the story have more humor. She is a bit of a loveable loser, but her heart is in the right place and she will do her best where she can.
  • Like in the baking episode, she just wants to make a cake for Syaoran and she will go hardcore to make it work. That entire episode is just a great piece of entertainment.
  • Considering the amount of cards in the manga were 19, and the anime has about 52. It does feel that some of the cards are starting to blur together. I mean did we need a voice AND a song card? It again shows a bit of the filler nature of some of the episodes, but is never bad.
  • Hoe count: 67
Your Tomoyo Moment, enjoy!

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