Don’t @ Me: Five of my Anime Opinions: I Got Castoria Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like my burnt shoulders. I lay in the sun while I give my thoughts, views and feelings on the anime and manga industry. This week Castoria came out, and oh yeah, Anime Expo was a thing! Let’s get into it after the cut!

  1. Anime Expo had some great news this week! The biggest seemingly being the Bleach trailer, the news of Solo Levelling get an anime, and the Jobless Reincarnation trailer. Of course there was other stuff, but those were the big things that passed my radar.

2. The new arc for Bleach looks honestly great. I mean, everyone wants to love Bleach again, so all it needs is some good animation and it’ll be the new golden child of all the shonen fans. I’m just glad that Tite Kubo is getting his chance to expand what was a great arc conceptually, but poorly rushed.

3. The trailer for Jobless Reincarnation’s seconds season promises more of the same, and I’m totally thrilled. It’s picking up right where things left off and seems to be filling in some of the chapter cuts from the light novel. I say bring it on, bring it ON.

4. And yeah, having finally finished the second season. The Rising of the Shield Hero really has been one-upped by Jobless. I still enjoyed the show, but it is like apples and oranges. It’s kinda sad really, but sometimes that happens.

5. Leaving this tweet here to sum up my feelings on getting Castoria this morning.

One thought on “Don’t @ Me: Five of my Anime Opinions: I Got Castoria Edition

  1. I’m sorry but the name “Castoria” brings up a laugh. When i was a child my o mother was a feind about making sure everyone was “regular.” To this end she bought a concoction called “Fletcher’s Castoria.” Castoria is a laxative syrup made from the oil of the Castor bean. Your body really really wants to dispel the stiff from your digestive tract

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