The Summer of Love IV with Cardcaptor Sakura: Episodes 40-46: Sakura and the Last Judgement

The Summer of Love IV continues! Now I know I was doing this show in ten episode chunks, but since the first half of the story ends here, I felt it would be better to re-adjust the number of episodes, mostly because everything gets tied off in a nice little bow here. With that said let’s take a look into final episodes of the first story arc right after the cut!

One of the greatest strengths of CCS is that, like many cartoons that are beloved, is that it knows to make its content appealing to both children and adults. That the parents or babysitters who are going to be forced to sit through the show, perhaps many times, will be able to get a laugh or enjoyment as well. This is why western shows like Recess, the first three seasons of SpongeBob, and Hey Arnold! remain beloved shows by their generation. They are firstly shows for children, but remembered that adults are going to be watching them too.

Sakura finding the courage to take on Yue was a great way to cap off her characters so far, as she is still very smitten with Yukito

CCS succeeds at that throughout most of its run, but it is the finale of the first story arc that really drives it home. After succeeding in sealing the last card, Sakura and Syaoran find themselves confronted by Yue, the other guardian of the Clow cards who decides to judge who will be the master. After Syaoran is soundly defeated, it falls to Sakura to claim her rightful place, but her kind nature prevents her from doing what she has to, and all of this takes place over the course of some really gripping episodes.

Mizuki’s legendary “stand and look mysterious’ journey ends here with a good payoff, and honestly she’s a great character in this.

Whether it is the musical cues, old-school animation, or design, the climax of CCS’s first arc is a damn good one. The revelation that Yue is actually just Yukito in disguise is a real shock for those first watching as the anime does a good job of making you think it is Mizuki. It throws you off and helps make Sakura’s hesitation to fight him more palpable. The alternative reality when she first fails, where everyone loses the feelings for the love they have the most is damn eerie, especially since there is no dialogue, just background music. It gives it a very haunting and unnatural feel, especially since the show is normally so light-hearted and fun. The action, while nothing impressive, was still good to see and Yue’s design and character creates an imposing unknown presence for Sakura that she isn’t use to.

The reveal that Yukito is Yue really does surprise you the first time watching the series. It’s a great move for the series.

The last few episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura’s first arc is a great capstone to the series so far. It takes all of the characters we’ve been with for over 40 episodes, brings them to a good ending point and wraps up what we know of the series so far. While the entire thing probably could have shaved off about 10 episodes, there are moments of real filler, most of it has remained a spectacular example of children’s entertainment and the magical girl genre. But this remains only the first half and the second part of the series will take the characters in some new directions and a great conclusion. Next week however we’ll be taking a look at the first movie in the series, so please look forward to that!

And it ends as the series always has, with an outstretched hand of kindness and love.

Assorted Thoughts

  • Meiling exits the story a little before the last judgment and man I really missed her. She’s a great character and adds so much humor and childish love to the series, and it was great to see her and Sakura become closer.
  • I’ll be talking about this later, but Syaoran takes it on the chin pretty well once he loses. He wants to protect and help Sakura and it is clear that he is growing attached to her.
  • Tomoyo rolling up with the clothing van after the capture the Earthy card is classic. She’ll never waste a moment.
  • The Earthy card caused a shit ton of damage to the city and everyone seems to just ignore it. I know you gotta focus on the main shit, but that gave me a chuckle.
  • Toya watching everything from afar and being aware of what is happening is good to see, the story doesn’t forget about him.
  • Kero’s real form is actually pretty badass, and I like how serious he is during this moment. Same with Yue, he really stands out compared to the other characters and feels like a real threat.
  • The Twin card that is in Meiling’s last episode was a good way to send her character off. Having her and Syaoran work together feels fitting.
  • Hoe count: 100
Your Tomoyo moment, just filming your life or death battle against the alternative ego of your boy crush!

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