Love after World Domination: It’s Couple Time!

You know what’s great? When you watch a series and you can perfectly sum it up in a simple sentence. No long winded explanations, no hour long videos, no trying to break down what the show is. Just a simple concept that can be boiled down to a handful of words. With that said let’s take a dive into Love after World Domination after the cut and see if that feeling applies!

Domination asks you to think about the simple question: What if the Red Ranger was secretly dating Rita Repulsa?

That is the base and whole concept of this show. Set in a world that echo’s the beloved super sentai series, we follow Fudo Aikawa aka Gelato Red as he engages in a secret romance with his sworn enemy, the Reaper Princess: Desumi Magahara. Both of them are new to romance, and they have to brave the muddy waters of a first love while stopping (or starting) their enemies from taking over or protecting the world. What follows are fights, transformation sequences and plenty of uncensored hand-holding.

I’ll be honest. When I first watch this show I was still riding high on the excellent Kaguya-sama and felt that few other shows were going to be just as good. Like I said when I was discussing Shield Hero’s second season, it is very difficult for another anime when the bar is set so high from a predecessor. I felt that was little in Domination that I couldn’t find in Kaguya and there were points where I considered dropping it.

You’d think that the premise of this show would run dry, but honestly? It keeps strong the entire time.

Yet I stuck with it, saved up a few episodes to binge and I was glad I did, because Domination is a sweet, wholesome and fun take on the sentai genre, as well as a cute romance. Anime is no strange for a romantic, sometimes even courtly version of love and Domination is no difference. Both Fudo and Desumi wear their hearts on their sleeves and their romance is just damn wholesome. They both have no idea of how a relationship works, but they try their best to be there for each other in a way that you often don’t see anymore. This isn’t the meta-commentary that you see in Kaguya-sama, or the sometimes unbelievable antics of a slice of life show. It’s just two people wanting to date each other who also happen to live in a version of Power Rangers. That concept and taken as honestly as it is, is what makes Domination stand out and you’ll find yourself rooting for Desumi and Fudo.

Desumi and Fudo keep things pretty much ‘G’ and that cuteness helps sell the show.

Additionally, credit needs to be given to the world for how authentic and real it feels. While the homages to Power Rangers/Sentai is more than obvious, it does feel like a true and honest world, not something that was just copy and pasted for cheap laughs. The enemies themselves, Gekko feel really unique with the mix of princesses and monsters having great designs and fun moments. In fact it is probably the enemies that really endear the series. Each of the princesses has fun personalities that have great chemistry with Desumi, whether it is co-workers, friends, rivals or secret crushes. Their designs are also fun, with my personal favorite being Steel Princess who ticks all of my boxes. I wish I could say the same for Gelatto, but they feel rather ‘meh’ compared to how fun Gekko is.

Desumi has great rapport with the rest of Gekko who really stand out in the show.

Love after World Domination is a great series that surprised me the more I watched it. While it does live in the shadow of better shows like Kaguya-sama. It has enough earnest heart and charm that it is absolutely worth a look. A cute romance, fun characters, a great homage to older shows and more than a few great assshots, Domination was a sleeper hit in a season that didn’t have that many. If you are looking for a romance that keeps things cute and wholesome, but also has some effort behind it. Give this show a try, if only to look at Desumi’s sweet, sweet, ass.

Just might be the booty of the year right there.

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