On my Radar for Fall 2022: Shinigami, Chainsaws, Spies, Witches, and Homoerotic Treasure Hunting

Anime in 2022 has been the definition of Feast or Famine. There has been a sprinkling of heavy hitters, but a lot of stuff that has just been eh. Much seemed to having be saved for this season and now it is finally time to see if it does indeed deliver. Plenty to choose from, but after the cut, let’s see what is on my radar this Fall anime season!

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

My initial thoughts: Bleach returns. The third entry of the generation defining “big-three’ of Shonen Jump Golden Age. Promised to be the true version of author Tite Kubo’s intention for the final, and much maligned arc. I have always loved Bleach because despite it’s flaws, when it hit, it hit like a fucking truck. I don’t know if I’ll be covering all four cours, but I’ll absolutely give you my thoughts for the first bit.

Chainsaw Man

My initial thoughts: I know nothing about this show, but I have heard everyone and their sister fucking bending over backwards to suck its dick. Everything I have seen makes this show feel EXTREME in every sense of the word. It’ll be interesting to see this new flavor of the month go up against the nostalgia for Bleach. Either way, it’ll be a curious watch at least.

Spy x Family Second Cour

My initial thoughts: Spy x Family lived up to the hype in every single way and would be an easy winner for the best of 2022 if not for the upcoming shonen-bias. Even still, this show is absolutely worth your time and it’s going to be a fucking blast in this second cour. I can’t wait.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

My initial thoughts: The first Gundam installment since the surprisingly refreshing Iron Blood Orphans,. We now return to the world of angst-ridden teenagers fighting in wars. Will this be a success like that, or are we doomed to have another Gundam AGE? Only time will tell, but I’ll be giving it a look for sure.

Golden Kamuy Season 4

My initial thoughts: The insane antics of Golden Kamuy returns. This is show has always been crazy, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. What food? What violence? What barely concealed homoeroticness? Kamuy has it all and I’ll be there to watch it.

The Eminence in Shadow

My initial thoughts: The new Isekai I chose to watch this season. Shadow seems to be following the Overlord-vibe where our main character will trip and stumble his way to world domination. That’s all I know, but for now it’s got cute girls and a shit ton of cleavage. That’s worth a look at least!

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