Parallel World Pharmacy: Black Death? Meet Cute Anime Girls.

I wasn’t thinking I would find a show that could take the place of The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent so soon after it’s debut. Yet it only took a few seasons and here we are! Let’s not waste anymore time and after the cut, take a dive right into Parallel World Pharmacy!

Like I said in a previous post. It’s been nothing but a joy to see that Isekai has been able to evolve itself in order to remain relevant. Instead of just languishing in the same usual fair of overpowered male protagonist with a harem of girls. Isekai has let itself try new things, take a few risks and with that, gain several new heights. While there will always be a audience for the usual fair, it is has been nothing but a net benefit for the genre when you look at its enduring popularity. And with that all that said, I am still shocked that “Everyday job in a Fantasy world” has become a sub-genre of the Isekai that I’ve loved so much. I don’t know why it is the case, but watching someone being reborn into a fantasy world to do a job that is so common place is just so damn entertaining.

I liked how Pharmacy had direct links from the old world to the new, and Pharma’s abilities are clearly explained in the first few episodes.

Pharmacy is another example of that. After losing his life from the classic case of ‘overwork’, we follow the reborn Pharma de Medicis (I know), as he discovers that his new life has granted him unbelievable power to create elements from nothing. Already a world famous pharmacist in his old life, Pharma decides to put his new gifts to use and help revolution medicine in the 15th century world he is now in. Along the way there are plagues, political resistance, and plenty of cute girls who help him.

Cute girls make even the most mundane premise more enjoyable, and Pharmacy has a few good ones.

Now I’ll be honest. I’m struggling to find the words to describe this show. Not because it is bad, but that it’s enjoyment is something you just need to watch. I could tell you how fun it is see Pharma approach a problem, figure out how to solve it, and so on, but really you just need to see it with your own eyes. There is nothing special about it, but the care and attention to detail the show has when approaching things like disease and a pandemic (topical!) is refreshing. Even with his powers, Pharma can’t save everyone and the methods and ways they approach the crisis are done with a good degree of realism. There just isn’t a magic wand (despite those existing) that can fix everything, and hard choices need to be made. Even when the show does throw in a typical villain for some fantasy action, the realism and dedication the show had to its medical issues makes it go down easier and more importantly, feel earned.

The show’s use of magic doesn’t take away from the basic fundaments of making medicine, and instead makes them work damn well together.

Furthermore, something I really loved that Pharmacy did was that it didn’t let it’s main character just upend the world of medicine overnight. While his new skills are welcomed with open arms, there is also a degree of skepticism and caution that prevents things from getting out of control. The powers that be won’t simply let Pharma do what he wants, but neither are they arrogant enough to ignore him. His conversation with the Queen, where she advises him to make his products available to his competitors shows a wisdom and knowledge that he is just one man, and that his gifts should be something only he can do, or offer.

It was great to see the Queen balance her joy at Pharma’s abilities with realties of running an empire.

Parallel World Pharmacy was a show I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. Yet every week I found myself clamoring for the next episode and deeply curious as to where it goes next. It is mid-tier as mid-tier can get, but one that knows what it wants to be, and focuses on just trying to be that. While it doesn’t have the cuteness of say Monster Girl Doctor, or the surprisingly level of calm serenity of Saint’s Magic. Pharmacy was a good watch and another example of how the Isekai genre is transforming itself to remain relevant and enjoyable for the anime fandom. If you like everyday jobs, cute girls and a pretty realistic approach (all things considered) to medicine, then give this show a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Also look at that hair! Jesus the amount of product she must have used.

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