Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: I Didn’t Want to Do this Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like the bowels of many a people after tonight. I stuff myself full of candy as I give you my thoughts, views and opinions on the anime and manga world. It’s Halloween tonight, but there is still plenty to discuss! Let’s get into it after the cut!

  1. I think I speak for everyone here on WordPress when I say: Fuck off, and stop re-doing this website every two months. For the love of god just stop it.

2. I am not seeing what’s so good about Chainsaw Man right now. I mean it’s not horrible, but the absolute rabid fervor that people had over this show isn’t showing up so far for me. I’m sticking with it, but I do hope shit changes up soon. Of course I’m fully willing to admit I had this show wrong if it does pick it up.

3. On the other hand, fuck was Jujutsu Kaisen 0 so good. Like damn. You can expect my thoughts tomorrow, but that felt like a very tightly told, easily digestible and just plain good shonen film. It’s been a hot minute since I watched Kaisen, but I remember how damn fun it was.

4. Yes, I realized I skipped a volume review for Jobless Reincarnation and I’ll be getting that up this week. Hang tight. That’s the problem when one is juggling so many balls in the air.

5. Kaguya-Sama ended last week and honestly? It concluded very strongly, being true to what the story was and its themes and ideas. It’s a cute ending that is in line with many romantic series, but one that I think it fully deserves. This was a very special little series and I hope it stands the test of time. Absolutely a rom-com story that I could recommend to anyone.

6. And to those going out tonight! Have a Happy Halloween! Be safe and eat lots of good candy!

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