Parallel Paradise Volume 10: You know what else is Interesting? Grenades.

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! Like I said last time, I’m moving to a more point form type of review as I find it better to get my thoughts down with series where big events don’t often happen. So with that said, when we last left off, Youta and his girls were about to go up against a giant sandworm that was once a cute witch? Can the gang seize victory? Or is the sex adventure reaching it’s final climax? Let’s find out after the images!

  • Whatever the book tells me, I don’t think that is a fucking dragon. It’s a worm, a freaking worm. That said I enjoyed Galia’s transformation and overall defeat. It’s satisfying, gruesome and fitting for the arc. Her aging and just melting away really fit into that ‘wicked witch’ vibe.
  • Youta and the manga seem to just be getting to the jist of thing with this ‘orgasm touch’. When he wants to convince the girls to get down, he just needs to put their hand on them. It’s something we’ll be seeing more and more often and I think it is the author not having to waste pages to get to what fans want. Whether that works remains to be seen.
  • Kia is probably my favorite of the rotating cast of girls. I love how she dresses up like a wizard, but just throws fucking grenades at people. I’m not the biggest fan of her reasons for getting off on mating (animal shit, eh), but she’s cute, funny and again has a fucking cool weapon.
  • She also is probably the first character represents the manga’s shift to the ‘fuck touch’ that I mentioned above. It’s going to happen far more than it has already from now on.
  • It was great to see Misaki again and she remains a fun character. We can see how much she has changed due to Yota’s influence and frankly I love seeing more of the first batch of girls show up again.
  • Though I am curious about her ravaging by Karu. Is that her kink? Those beasts are always something that manga has yet to answer. I think they are maybe re-animated men who have been wiped out before? I’m current and I still don’t know.
  • Aside from that, most of the volume is about the fight against Galia which again, is pretty good, with several of the girls being able to get their fights in. While it’s not an action series, Paradise does have some pretty good scrapes and Yota always seems to barely win. I like shows like that, especially in this world of Isekai power-fantasy.
  • The two sex scenes in the volume are quite enjoyable, with Misaki again coming in for a familiar romp in the hay. The girls who are stuck watching also get stuff to do, something that will be extended in the upcoming volume
  • So overall, Parallel Paradise Volume 10 is a good volume that wraps up the Galia arc and has everything we love about this series. Action, Sex, and a bit more Sex. This series is once again a fun read that I can’t put down. I also got the 11th volume line up, so you can expect my thoughts on that soon!

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