Re-Dive: Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie?

I’ve dabbled in several harem series throughout my blogging world, and through those highs and lows I still never felt as refreshed as I did when I watched this show. Coming out in a year where ecchi and harem shows were at an all-time low. This was an anime that was like drinking water after a drought. A fun and cute little story with a great script and plenty of cute girls to enjoy. Yet it has been a few years and this is a story I wanted to get back too. Was it as good as I said it was? Or was the fact that this was the only thing on the menu give it  praise it didn’t deserve? Well we are going to find out, so join me after the cut as we Re-Dive into Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie? 

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In recent months I have been watching a bunch of romantic comedies with my girlfriend (the burden we all must bear.) And when I sat down to watch Hensuki I found myself thinking more and more that this show was very much like those romantic comedies. It had a crazy premise, a cast of supporting characters who served this or that trope, and a script laden with snappy dialogue and laugh-out-loud moments that had me bawling. Throughout the 12 episode run I was floored at just how well Hensuki was built and how well the script treated its characters and moments.

For those who don’t know, Hensuki follows Keiki Kiryuu, your generic everyday teenager who wants nothing more than a girlfriend. Yet when a would-be partner leaves a written love confession and a pair of panties in his clubroom, Keiki sets on a quest to identify his ‘undierella’ and find true love. Along the way he discovers something new about each of his would-be ladies: they all have a kink of one kind or another and are determined to make Keiki their own!

Keiki and the rest of the cast are the best kind you can get from a harem of this type. Actually developed and funny instead of one-note and shallow.

Right away, you can see how good this premise can be, but what makes it work is actually the show’s English dub. While I have always been a proponent of the Dubs being as close to the source material as possible, Hensuki finds gold by taking the story and going hog wild on the script. The jokes, the characters, the voice acting, all of it is comedy gold with more quips, jokes and slang that had me bawling in laughter in its execution.. Everything is true to the story, but script-writers and translators are clearly having the time of their lives taking what might have been generic Japanese dialogue and giving it a comedic spin that just works. I know that is probably high-treason to some anime purists, and I do get it. But the translators clearly loved this story and it comes off in every second of every episode. There frankly hasn’t been anything this funny in the harem genre since Shimoneta. I mean just listen to some of this.

Beyond that however, Hensuki succeeds because it makes its chemistry between the characters work. While they are all stark archetypes, the girls of Hensuki bounce off Keiki and each other with expertise and have personalities that show off the effort and love the creators put in. This is again helped by the superb dub script, but I found myself endeared so much to each of them. Whether it is Sayuki’s eagerness to be a pet, Yuika’s rivalry with the latter,  Nanjo’s obsession with boy’s love (the line about Keiki’s tender nips had me crying) or Fujimoto’s obsession with scents. Each of the girls are allowed to get their freak on and be funny in the process. It also helps that Keiki is not the usual harem doormat, with the dub giving him a sardonic and sarcastic personality that is pitch perfect for the story. His reactions are always gold and he is actually able to talk to the girls like they are people and be paralyzed by how beautiful they are. It is the type of character work that made Persona 4 such a hit with me and it was good to see it here.

Sayuki is the best girl in my opinion, with the best kink and funniest dialogue. Plus them titties.

With all that said however, some of Hensuki’s shine does fall off a bit in the second viewing. While nothing major, things like Koharu’s plotline might turn some people off (though her character is also a riot.) The artstyle, while laden with beautiful colours, is a little stiff and basic. And I found that Mizuha’s character, the ‘little sister’ of the story, feels a bit flat until literally the last scenes of the series. She’s there to be a supporting character and doesn’t come into focus until the climax. Those who know the series will understand what I’m talking about and while I give credit to the anime devoting the entire episode to trying to make it work. I do think the show falls into the usual harem trap of having the character the lead should get with, and the person he ends up choosing not being the same person. It’s a shame really, but again nothing that is a deal-breaker for those who enjoy the journey and not the destination.

Mizuha however remains the weakest, with her kink taking too long to be revealed.

Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie? is a fantastic series. From beginning to end, this is a harem anime that feels like one of the best romantic comedies I’ve seen in years. With great characters, wonderful music, a fun premise and quite literally the best English dub I’ve seen in years. Hensuki remains that wonderful breath of fresh air the harem genre needed. While there are better stories, sexier girls and far more fanservice, there is something you find in Hensuki that you don’t get much anywhere else. That is a feeling I want to hold onto, and I encourage ANYONE who loves harem anime to give this show a look. I can’t recommend it enough, just be ready to let your freak flag fly.

Also the theme song kicks fucking ass.

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