Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: The Implication Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is once again time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like Dennis on a boat. It’s all because of the implication as I give my thoughts, views and opinions on everything in the anime and manga world. This week I got another visual novel coming, and there is other shit! Let’s get into it after the cut!

  1. Witch on the Holy Night comes out this week! Really eager to start looking into that series! I looked at the demo and it was a damn good story so far. Hopefully it doesn’t run into the same problems Tsukihime had, but we’ll see!

2. There has been some mumble and grumbles about Mary Sues lately, and I have to wonder. Does anime have this problem? I mean, the Isekai genre has pretty much normalized the idea of ‘overpowered harem protag’ so it doesn’t really seem like an issue for this artform. Curious thought.

3. I’m still not over the fact they never showed Sakura’s nips in the Fate movies. Considering they did it for Asuna in Sword Art Online! Such a waste!

4. Next month is Muramasa in Fate GO! I got all the SQ ready and the pity system is in place! Let’s fucking do this!

5. I wonder how ‘M-rated’ the new Final Fantasy XVI is going to be. They say it’s got sex, drugs and hate crimes, but I wonder how serious they are to committing to that. I got a feeling they won’t

6. I wish Gleipnir got a second season. That was a damn cool fucking show. Plenty of good anime butt too.

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