I Heard you Like Lists: The 5 Types of Anime I won’t Review

We all like lists right? I heard you like lists and it’s been a hot minute since I did one. This week has been absolutely hell for me, hence the shortage of posts, but I still wanted to have something up. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, so here it is! The anime you’ll probably never see me review on this blog! Why? I’ll get into that after the cut!

  1. Any ‘Sketchy’ Hentai

I’ve never shied away from reviewing hentai on this blog. Sometimes I’ve even looked at some pretty dark or eyebrow raising stuff, like my post on Emergence or my look at Yosuga no Sora. However that is pretty much where I stop. Hentai comes with some eye-brow raising stuff, and there is a lot I have no interest in looking at. You can probably put together what I mean by this, but simply put: anything where there is toilet stuff, or where age is just a number I won’t touch with a ten-foot poll.

2. Any of the ‘Big’ Shonen

I’ve dabbled in a few of the movies and I will be looking at the new Bleach series for sure, but that is probably as far as I go. Doing a full on arc by arc review of series like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball is out of my pay-grade. There is just so much and frankly there are people who have devoted their entire online persona at looking at those arcs. I’m talking dozens of videos, thousands of words. That’s not what Shallow Dives is about. And yes, my ‘quick fire’ blog post on One Piece might go against it, but I have no problem doing a ‘cheat sheet’ version of that, just not the sort of thing you’d expect from something like The Summer of Love.

3. Sports Anime

I’ve never liked sport anime. Not once. Not even Keijo, the show where girls fight with their butts. I just have never had the taste for it. That’s not to say that sports anime aren’t fantastic, I’m sure they are. I just find the genre to be formulaic and dull for me to get really interested. Yes, even when they do something like Birdie Wing and just go nuts. It’s always gonna be one of three outcomes, and no thanks. And considering I’m a big Isekai guy, I know that’s kinda hypocritical.

4. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Love the show. I do. It’s a great piece of animation and a fantastic story. I even liked Legend of Korra, especially after that rough second season. I just don’t think it is anime. That doesn’t mean it is bad at all, just not in my narrow view of what I want to talk about on this blog.

5. The Miyazaki Films

Miyazaki’s legacy is inarguable. He is the greatest living animator of all time. The ‘Walt Disney’ of the East. I have no real interesting in watching his films though. I’ve watched one or two, but it’s something that everyone has had a fucking opinion on and I don’t know what else I could add.

2 thoughts on “I Heard you Like Lists: The 5 Types of Anime I won’t Review

  1. It’s good to know one’s areas of interests 🙂 On my end, I similarly won’t touch any of the big shonen series, or any show that’s creating too much of a fuss in the community (for either good or bad reasons). The former, simply because they don’t offer the topics I like to talk about, and the latter because it’s almost impossible to click without seeing someone talking about it. I prefer to share my own thoughts on stuff, rather than echo what’s already being said, and because I am a smaller blog, I tend to get drowned out if I do write about something that’s quite popular.

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    • Yeah, you gotta find your own niche. There are a bunch of people talking about the mainstream stuff. Which I can do, but I want to do it from my strengths, not just “oh yeah, this is the GOAT”

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