Housekeeping: 2023 Plans and Beyond

Hey Guys.

Well 2023 is here and I think it is time to sit down and do some housekeeping on the blog. Talk about where we are and where we are going. What can you expect in the next few months? Well let’s get into it all after cut!

Gaps in the Schedule

I’m sure you noticed that I had a few more gaps these last few weeks than usual. A combination of work and a smaller list of anime to choose from made it that way, but still, I wasn’t a fan of it. I have been really good for the last few years of sticking to my 4/5 day routine and I want to maintain that. That said I also don’t want to throw something out for the sake of just doing it. So if there are gaps it is either because of real life commitments, or just a dry spell. Apologies for anyone who might have been off-put by that.

Nekopara Vol 4.

This has been dogging my footsteps for a while now. I started it, put it down and then never touched it again. I said I’d get it done before the end of the year and that…didn’t happen. I’m still committed to doing it and I will get it done this year. For sure, for really really sure. I don’t have much of it left, just gotta get into that pussy.

Video Game Reviews

I have dabbled a bit into this in the blog, mostly in games that anime inspired or anime adjacent. I want to keep that going and you can expect some posts on Fire Emblem and other visual novels as the year goes on, all of them related to anime.

Future Blog Posts

Like I said above. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted this time around, whether it was real life, or schedule or new shoes. Again I’ve never decided that this list is do or die, but I have been proud that I’ve kept to it. What we’ll see now will hopefully be completed and I’m looking forward to getting to them.

By the end of January

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Bible Black Re-Dive

Fire Emblem: Awakening

By June 2023

Vinland Saga Season 1

Nekopara Vol.4


Fire Emblem: Engage

Jobless Reincarnation: Volume 7

Seasonal Anime Reviews

By October 2023

The Summer of Love V

Island Visual Novel

Kill la Kill

To Love Ru

One Piece: Skypeia to Post Enies Lobby

If it’s for my Daughter, I’d defeat even a Demon Lord! Light Novels

Long-Term Projects/Things I want to do/Who knows when they’ll come.

Parallel Paradise Manga

High School DxD Light Novels

Sword Art Online Light Novels

Quintessential Quintuplets Manga

The Garden of Sinners Re-Dive

As you can see, 2023 has plenty to get one and this time its a bit more approachable. I hope that by the next housekeeping post. I’ll have continued to make good progress. Of course things always change, new shows come and go, and sometimes more time or less is given to me. I do think I can get a lot of this scratched off the list.

As always I have many people to thank: CrowIrinaLynnScottYomu, PeteJon SpencerLesley, iniksbane  Catholic weeb and infinitezenith for always being there for chat or comment. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the blog as much as I enjoy working on it. Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @ShallowDivesAni if you aren’t already.

And as always. Thanks for reading my blog.

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