On my Radar for Winter 2023: The Three Episode Check-In

Winter 2023’s anime season has been a muted affair, one not made any better by several of the shows being delayed indefinitely. Still the show must go on and there are still time get in our thoughts on what I’ve watched, which has changed a bit. Let’s see what the three-episode check-in gives us right after the cut!

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2

Thoughts after 3 episodes: Demon King wasted NO time getting back to the plot which has left some growing pains for those who are new or have forgotten what has happened. Still Anos remains insane and the characters are a fun, though I won’t deny some of the newness has fallen off.

STATUS: Praying to God.

NieR:Automata Ver 1.1a

My thoughts after 3 episodes: 2B’s behind was a glorious as I expected, and the rest of the show has been pretty good. I like the premise, the robots discovering humanity was interesting and again, that booty don’t lie. Shame this show is now on hiatus, but I’ll be checking it out for sure when it returns.

STATUS: Bootilicious.

Ayakashi Triangle

My thoughts after 3 episodes: This show has been a breath of wonderful ecchi air. Censored yet, but Kentaro Yabuki hasn’t lost a beat, channeling his talent in a show that reminds me of the best of the 2000s fanservice shows. It’s just fucking fantastic and a damn shame it’s been pushed back. Hopefully it comes back real soon cause this is ecchi gold.

STATUS: Cleansing demons, looking at panties.

Buddy Daddies

My thoughts after 3 episodes: This is probably the hit new show of the season. A great premise, cute as a button kid character, and a story that is both familiar and fun to see in anime form. I’ve had a big smile on my face the entire time watching it and I think you will to. Two guys and a kid, can’t go wrong with that.

STATUS: Dodging bullets and changing diapers.

BOFURI: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, So I’ll Max out My Defense Season 2

My thoughts after 3 episodes: Move over Anos, you gotta share the spotlight with Maple. BOFURI was a fun show back then and it remains fun now. Cute, cuddly, and overpowered as all hell. Don’t know how that things will shake up for the rest of the season, but I don’t expect much change in before. Perhaps that’s enough.

STATUS: Summoning the Machine God.

2 thoughts on “On my Radar for Winter 2023: The Three Episode Check-In

  1. Bofuri 2 is all about the off-meta OP adventures. I’m having a blast with this one since it reminds me of how I eventually turned into a one-man army in The Divison 2, but admittedly, because it’s not likely to mix things up too much, it’s a difficult series to write for. Still, nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying the show 🙂


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