Sitting down with Crow: The Asterisk War vs Chivalry of a Failed Knight

I’ve discussed both The Asterisk War and Chivalry of a Failed Knight on this blog, and I’ve discussed both of them with my fellow blogger Crow. He has been a big fan of Asterisk War, and quite enjoyed Failed Knight. I’ve had my hang-ups with both, but we also knew that when I finished watching we’d have to talk about them. So that’s just what we did! It was a fun back and forth and I hope we can do it again, I hope you will enjoy it as well!

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Sitting down with Infinite Zenith: Higurashi GOU and SOTSU

Hey guys.

I’ve talked shop about Higurashi before, and recently me and my fellow blogger Infinite Zenith managed to get together and dish out some thoughts on the sequel series. Both of us were fans of what we saw and we knew we just had to talk about it. I hope you enjoy what you see!

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Hit it with your 3×3! Sharing my Favorite Anime

Hey Guys.

A list of my favorite anime is not new on this blog, and frankly it hasn’t changed that much. However there hasn’t been a blog event in a long while so I figure it is time to do something. I’ve been listening to the Trash Taste Podcast, and they’ve a few episodes where they discuss their ‘3×3’, or the anime/manga/etc that are defining and important to them. I figured, why doesn’t the WordPress blogging crew try it out?

Here are the rules.

  1. List your 3×3. It has to be a total of nine titles. (I used as mine)
  2. They can be manga, anime, light novels, whatever.
  3. Include an explanation (if you want) of why you chose them!
  4. Pass the buck to three or more bloggers.

Mine is right below, and I hope fellow writers here will give this a shot. For the first round, I’m sending the call out to: CrowIrina, momomanamu and infinitezenith!

Sitting down with Crow: YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World Part III

Hey guys

Me and fellow blogger Crow have recently been discussing YU-NO: A Girl who chants love at the Bound of this World. We’ve discussed every aspect of the series, and it’s been a project that has spanned three parts! That final section has just been posted, so if you’ve been following, make sure to take a look at the final part of the conversation!

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Sitting down with Infinite Zenith: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Earlier this year, I re-watched and blogged about the series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, a show by all accounts I loved a lot growing up. Going back to it I found it was still a great piece of entertainment. My friend Infinite Zenith thought so as well, and we’ve recently sat down and a had a real back and forth on the series. That conversation is up on his blog, but I want to toss a link here in case you missed it. It was a fun conversation and I hope you will find it that way too!

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Watch Mobile Suit Gundam SEED | Prime Video

Sitting down with Crow: YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World Part I

Hey guys

Readers of this blog know I am a die-hard fan of the visual novel and anime series YU-NO. Any chance I have to dish on this series is one I’ll gladly take. So when my good friend Crow from Crow’s World of Anime decided to take a look at the series, I just knew we had to talk about it. We have already had a fun and frank discussion over Chivalry of a Failed Knight, and I wanted to do something with him again. What better show that YU-NO? This is going to be a three part series, so I hope you will enjoy this conversation!

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Sitting down with Infinite Zenith: Higurashi, When they Cry Part 1

I was lucky enough to sit down with my good friend and fellow blogger Infinite Zenith once again! We always love getting deep into a series and when we both realized we watched and loved Higurashi, we knew it was inevitable we’d dive into. Take a look for yourself as we discuss everything from the first season and give our thoughts on one of anime’s best and bloodiest!

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Sitting down with Infinite Zenith: YU-NO Part 1

Hey guys.

A few months ago I sat down with fellow blogger Infinite Zenith to talk shop on the series School Days. It was such a fun time that I just wanted to do it again, and there was only one series I knew we should discuss next. YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world! This convo is so big, it’s going to be two posts, one for each have of the story. If you aren’t sick of me gushing about this series, then enjoy!

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