On my Radar for Summer 2022: The Eight Episode Check-In!

Summer 2022 is reaching its conclusion and we have to talk about it! I’ve not dropped anything so far (except for Harem Labyrinth as I hunt for the uncensored version), and I got some thoughts on everything! Let’s get into it all after the cut!

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On my Radar for Summer 2022: The Three Episode Check-In!

Summer 2022 continues and so far, it has been another middle of the road fare. Some good shows, but nothing that has been ‘great’. As always, I like it when the anime industry ‘see-saws’ with its work, because having back to back amazing seasons can be overwhelming. With that said let’s take a look at the series I’m watching now that they are three episodes in!

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On my Radar for Spring 2022: Sequels, Sequels, Sequels!

Hey guys.

Winter 2022 has been a very off season, with most of what is to come being held back so a certain anime can have the limelight all to itself. However those who have been patient are going to be rewarded with a massive slate of great shows. While it is a wee bit early, I want to tell you what’s on my radar for next season! Remember that this list is subject to change, but let’s get into it after the cut!

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