Re-Dive: Saga of Tanya the Evil: A Class of its own

I’ve been on a bit of an isekai binge lately, revisiting and re-watching series I’ve always deeply enjoyed. At the top of that list was this anime, one that I’ve gushed about before and frankly, couldn’t wait to do it again. My praise was high the last time, but would it hold up on a second (or third) look? Well after the cut let’s take a re-dive into Saga of Tanya the Evil and find out!

My original thoughts are right here!

Evil has never been so smol
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Re-Dive: ReZero: Starting Live in Another World: Damn Fine Work

If there is one anime that can be credited with getting my to start blogging, or frankly to start watching anime seriously again. It would be ReZero. I’ve told this story before, but for those new to Shallow Dives, let me explain once more. Around 2016 I was pretty much ‘done’ with anime. I had watched it all throughout my childhood, but at that point I had fallen off pretty hard. Most of my favorite series were wrapped or close to wrapping, and I had long come down from my Gundam kick. There was no bad blood, but I felt I had gotten ‘my fill’ from the anime world. It wasn’t until a friend suggested that I check out this show, that the dominos starting falling once more. The rest, if you’ve been following this blog for close to three years now, is history.

And so last month, I actually sat down and re-watched the entire first season front to back, the first time I’ve done it since the original airing. Did it hold up? Was it as a good as I thought, or had time worn off some of the shine? Well after the cut let’s re-dive into one of the most beloved Isekai series of the last decade: ReZero: Starting Life in Another World

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The Suffering of one Natsuki Subaru
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Re-Dive: The Devil is a Part-Timer: Oh right, that’s why!

I talked about this show ages ago, back when the blog was just starting, and I always wanted to come back to it. It remains a beloved series for so many, and it’s continued love has made it last a very long time. Now that a second season is actually happening! It’s no better time to do so! Join me after the cut as we re-dive into one the classics of the Isekai genre: The Devil is a Part-Timer!

My original thoughts are right here!

Here or to go?
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Re-Dive: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: Rock Solid, Four Times Strong.

I’ve talked about this series before, and I’ll probably do it again. There are probably only a handful of anime that you watch in your life that become regular re-watches, that are in your view, absolutely rock solid in what they are. We all have them, or will get them in time. The show we are discussing today is one of mine. After the cut let’s take a re-dive into Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Check out my thoughts on Shirou and Rin’s relationship right here!

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV Series 2014–2015) - IMDb
No problem can’t be solved by throwing a shit ton of swords at it.
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Re-Dive, Quick Thoughts Edition on Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel III. spring song: This title is too long

A few months ago I sat down and watched the final installment of the Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy. Yesterday I sat down and watched it again. I knew that this movie would require a second viewing, and I wanted to see if my thoughts had changed. If you recall, I considered the final film to be ‘good, not great,’ with tons of great moments, but also suffering a bit from plotting decisions done in the first two movies. Has that changed now that I’ve watched again with lowered expectations?

Yes, and no. Much of my feelings are the same, which is why I’m doing this as a ‘quick thoughts’ instead of a full on post, there isn’t much to say that I haven’t already said. However those feelings have improved considerably. So let’s check them out after the cut.

My initial thoughts on the series are right here!

Swords for hands!

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Re-Dive, Quick Thoughts Edition on Steins;Gate: Back to the Future, and then back again

I was recently able to sit down with a few friends and watch Steins;Gate again with them. It was an enjoyable experience, and I thought it would be a perfect time to revisit my thoughts on the series. The only problem was that my previous reviews haven’t really changed. I still love the series and what I have noticed and felt on this second run through doesn’t warrant a full post. So after the cut here are some bullet point thoughts as I re-dive into Steins;Gate

Hacking to the Gate!
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Re-Dive: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Sunday Funnies

Back when I started this blog, one of my very first posts was on this anime. I’ve come along way since then, and I’ve always felt I needed to come back to this series and give it another look. Or maybe it was just an excuse to watch it again. Either way, join me after the cut as I re-dive into the anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Check out my initial shallow dive, here!

Miss Kobyashi Dragon Maid
Chu-Chu Yeah!

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Re-Dive: Shomin Sample: Culture Shock

This has been on my re-watch list for quite sometime, and I finally have been able to get around to it.

During my ‘great harem coma’ of 2018, where I watched pretty much every harem and ecchi anime I could get my hands on, there were many shows that stuck with me, and many that fell by the wayside. Today’s show, which I am reviewing for the second time has stuck with me ever since, and remains on of my all time favorite harem and comedy anime. Join me after the cut as I take a re-dive into the series: Shomin Sample

((Check out my initial review here!))

Shomin Sample – Review – Sakura Anime News
Silly Sallies

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Re-Dive: Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower: Do your Homework

Being home for the Christmas Holidays means I can spend some time with some old films or anime. I’ve already given you my renewed thoughts on the second Heaven’s Feel movie: Lost Butterfly, but last night as I went back to the first film I thought it was high time I give it a proper Re-Dive as well. Join me after the cut as I take another look at the first film in the Heaven’s Feel Trilogy: Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower

Related image
Something isn’t right.

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Re-Dive: Fate/stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly: Close Your Eyes

I’m a die hard fan of Fate/Stay Night. 

I consider original VN to be the ‘great work’ of it’s genre, and the franchise to be basically the ‘Star Trek‘ of anime, in which it has some of the most provoking and powerful series out there, but is also chalk full of some of the dumbest, funniest shit. Like with all running series, Fate has a mixed track record, with some excellent home runs, and more than a few clunkers. However what has been an absolute joy to watch, have been the Ufotable film adaptions of the Heaven’s Feel route, the third and final route of the OG Fate Visual Novel. I’ve already reviewed this film before twice, but now that I has come out and I’ve been able to sit down and watch it once more, I want to do a proper Re-Dive into the series. So join me after the cut as I dive into Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly

Image result for heaven's feel lost butterfly
Close your eyes, just close your eyes…

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