Tune of the Week(ish): Gundam AGE’s “White Justice” by Faylan

Hey guys.

Gundam is a long-running series, which means it is a bag of hits and misses. Gundam AGE was a miss in all regards, and in my mind is constantly jockeying with Gundam Seed Destiny for the title of “Worst Series” in the entire franchise. However it did have some excellent opening and ending themes, and one of my all-time favorites is this week’s Tune of the Week!

Enjoy “White Justice” by Faylan!


Tune of the Week(ish): Date A Live’s “Date A Live” by sweet ARMS!

Hey guys

It’s always good when an anime series has a good opening theme by a band that sticks around. The group sweet ARMS! has done every opening theme for Date A Live and it’s given it great musical consistency. With that said, the tune of the week is “Date A Live” by sweet ARMS!