Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Tang Edition

It’s Monday, so it’s time for this! Welcome to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like Shinji when Misato decides not to take one for the team and suck his dick, I exploded into orange goo as I give you my thoughts and opinions on everything anime and manga related. This week it’s about Evangelion and some other shit, let’s get into it after the cut.

The true End of Evangelion
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Renketsu Houshiki Episode 1: Starring Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

When it comes to matches made in heaven, there is no better one in the hentai world than the incest tag. Brothers and sister just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you are a man or woman of culture, then you’ve probably come (heh) across one of the many offerings on display. Are you a fan of Swing out Sisters? Perhaps you enjoy a bit of Oni Chichi. Don’t want to go blood related? Well Cleavage might be up your alley. Kakeshi Dere can tickle your fancy if prefer to keep bloodlines pure. There are just plenty to choose from, many of which are top tier classics. The first episode of what we are discussing today is one such highlight. After the cut, let’s take a dive into the first episode of Renketsu Houshiki!

((This post contains NSFW images. Please read with discretion))

Sister Slammer
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The Quintessential Quintuplets Volume 4: So you want to build a Snowman?

Our look at the manga series The Quintessential Quintuplets continue! It’s school trip time, and the confrontations between the girls started to become more pronounced, as well as the constant teasing of who ends up with Fuutaro? Let’s get into the fourth volume of the series right after the cut!

Spoilers for the final outcome of the series. Read with discretion.

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Episodes 1-13: The Raid of Heliopolis and The Battle of Orbit

The series we are talking about today has a very special place in my heart. I was a die-hard Gundam fan in my youth, and while I’ve grown distant from it in recent years, there is a strong fondness still there. Gundam Wing was one of my first anime I watched, and I still enjoy it, despite not having aged well. However in the early 2000s, at the tail end of the 4kids-Toonami era, there was another Gundam series that came out. One with a better story, better animation, and some kick-ass music. Loved by many, and disliked by just as much, it is a series that has resonated to this day regardless. Now it is finally time for me to talk about it, so after the cut, let’s dive into the first story-arc of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Raid of Heliopolis and The Battle of Orbit!

GUNDAM GUY: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster advance streaming begins  December 23rd!! [News via Gundam.Info]
Gundam Jack’d
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Celebrate Koneko’s Birthday with the English Dub!

It’s November 23rd, which is the birthday of one Koneko Toujou, one of the main girls of High School DxD and my personal favorite character from the series. (I still love you Akeno). I can think of no better way to celebrate this day, with a clip showing off her English voice!

There have been many voice actors who had turned out great performances in anime over the year. Yet only a handful of a handful have given a performance that is viewed to be just as good, or even superior to the Japanese seiyuu. Jad Saxton’s work as Koneko, coupled with Funimation’s clever script, is one of those few, a performance that shows just a small hint of talent from one of the businesses best voice actors.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Volume 2: Chick Chase

Our spoiler full look at the manga version of The Quintessential Quintuplets continues! Like I said last time, we are reading this series with the knowledge of which of the Quints ends up getting picked and seeing how that trickles down to all the volumes. Previously we were introduced to Fuutaro and the Nakano sisters, and his attempts to get the girls to start studying. Let’s get into what happens next after the cut.

(Spoilers for the ending of the series, please read with discretion) 

The Quintessential Quintuplets Vol. 2 - Comics by comiXology

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Tune of the Blog: Study x Study

Tune of the Week(ish) has always been something fun and easy to do for the blog. Like many anime fans, I absolutely adore the music, the opening themes, the ending themes, all of it. I’ve shared a lot of great songs since I started, but as we hit the two-year milestone, there is one song that stands above them all. To celebrate two years of blogging, here it is.

My favorite anime song, my favorite anime ending, and by far one of the best things to ever come out of the genre.

The Tune of the Blog is Study x Study, by StylipS