Tune of the Week(ish): Eighty Six’s Avid

86 -Eighty-Six-, has shaped up to be real damn interesting show. Gritty and well told, with a story that is about something without beating your head with the message. The music ain’t half bad too! The tune of the week is the ending theme for the series: “Avid” by Sawano Hiroyuki

On my Radar for Spring 2021: The Three-Episode Check-in!

This has sorta snuck on me, time just flies so fast! We are about three weeks into the spring season, so it’s time to check in and see how the shows I’m watching are holding up. Now this list has changed a bit since I last did it, I put Tokyo Revengers and Shaman King on the shelf mostly because I wasn’t in the mood to watch them. Not ‘dropped’ per say, but I’ll get to them at another time. I’ve also added a show or two. Either way, let’s get into it all after the cut!

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