On my Radar for Winter 2022: Road Trips, Harems, Boy-Girls and more!

Anime in 2022 promises to be an interesting time with more heavy hitting shows compared to the overall lightness of 2021. I’ll be watching a few, and as always giving my thoughts! As always this list WILL change, as it is based only on the ‘covers’. Let’s see what is on my radar for the Winter of 2022 right after the cut!

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Seraph of the End: Touched by an Angel

I have never been on the Attack on Titan thing. I’ll probably get into it at one point, but it’s just something that I have no interest in when its such a red-hot thing. However like with many anime, there are shows that are similar. Does that mean they are better? Or are things too similar for anything to work? Well after the cut let’s take a dive into the series: Seraph of the End and find out!

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Re-Dive: Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These: Episode I, The Phantom Bishonens

This is a series I didn’t know I would revisit, but I won’t complain that I did. A show that is so legendary among the fans who love it, yet hasn’t got the praise and attention it might deserve. After watching it again what do I think though? Well after the cut let’s take a dive into Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These and find out.

My previous thoughts on the series are right here.

Hot People War.
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Sitting down with Crow: The Asterisk War vs Chivalry of a Failed Knight

I’ve discussed both The Asterisk War and Chivalry of a Failed Knight on this blog, and I’ve discussed both of them with my fellow blogger Crow. He has been a big fan of Asterisk War, and quite enjoyed Failed Knight. I’ve had my hang-ups with both, but we also knew that when I finished watching we’d have to talk about them. So that’s just what we did! It was a fun back and forth and I hope we can do it again, I hope you will enjoy it as well!

Check out our discussion right here!

Best and Worst of Anime 2021: At the Half

Anime in 2021 is halfway over, and it has been a banger of a year so far. Many great shows, a bunch of really good ones, and a few that make you question the existence of god. Now that we’ve reached the halfway point, it’s time to give out my thoughts on what I think is the best, and the worst, of the year so far. This list will no doubt change by the time the end of 2021 rolls around, but here is where I stand! Let’s get into it after the cut.

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Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-: Good Science Fiction

This was an anime that almost completely slipped under my radar. I had heard a bit about it, but most of the conversations this season didn’t surrounded it. Does that mean it is a possible sleeper hit, or people didn’t like it? Well I was in the market for another anime to watch and I came across this one. After the cut let’s take a dive into original anime series: Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-

As you like my pleasure!
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The Summer of Love III: Fate/Illya Season 1 Episodes 6-10: Illya’s Resolve

The Summer of Love III continues! Last week we discussed all of the music from the series, and the week before the first half of season 1. Well this week we wrap up our examination of Fate/Illya’s first season with a look at the second ‘arc’ (because this series doesn’t really have those, but let’s just roll with it): Illya’s Resolve! Plenty to get into, so let’s not waste anymore time!

Illya goes all EMIYA up in this shit.
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Yasuke: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

I didn’t think I would be going down this path again. Like with Wonder Egg Priority, I finding myself faced with reviewing a series that is far more difficult to form an opinion on, while still being fair and objective. I value those views so dearly, even though blogging is always a hobby. Nevertheless, we have to press on. After the cut let’s take a dive into the Netflix original anime: Yasuke.

Right, let’s do this…
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Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel: A Hero of One

I’ve pretty much picked this entire series clean. I’ve said all I can think of saying. I’ve reviewed each film multiple times, discussed the central relationship and given my thoughts. Now we finally put this to bed with a final look at, not the three films, but at the entire story as a singular product. So, one last time, join me after the cut as I take a dive into Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel

Seize the moment, and become a hero.
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