Don’t @ Me: Back to School with 8 more Anime Opinions

It’s September, which means kids are going back to school, but that won’t stop anime opinions from being made. Don’t @ Me returns to slap the homework of 8 more spicy opinions on anything related to anime and manga. Buckle up for it after the cut.

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Chew that candy Kanna.

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Ane Naru Mono: The Peaceful Melancholic Series with a Big Titty Onee-san

While I am not as versed in manga compared to anime, I have heard that the artist Pochi has been on a tear recently, having created the designs and illustrations of the light novel: Do You Love your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? along with a respectful presence in the hentai genre. Regardless if that is your thing, Pochi’s art-style has already earned her numerous fans and attention from all corners of the community.

Today I want to talk a look into her current manga series, one that has a considerable level of popularity. So join me after the cut as we take a look at Ane Naru Mono, or The Elder-Sister Like One.

Ane Naru Mono

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