Fire Force Season 1: Insert Fire Pun Here

This was a show that was pretty big a few months ago, and while the second season is currently airing, I dragged my feet on watching the first. I’ve said this before, but I am pretty much a lapsed Shonen fan at this point. I had my shows, I had my ‘time’ and most of what I see these days just doesn’t interest me. I’m sure they are absolutely great shows, but it’s not my thing anymore.

However every now and then I’m put those feelings aside and watch a good ol shonen. Or a show will come along that really pulls me in (Demon Slayer). The show we are talking about today is kinda that, but not really. After the cut let’s get into the first season of the hit anime of last year: Fire Force.

Fire Force

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On My Radar for Fall 2019: The (Mostly) Eight Episode Check-In!

The Fall season and the final run for 2019 is nearing it’s end. The decade is going to close on a decent note, as the last part of the year has delivered some solid anime so far, and I’ve been enjoying it far more than the rest of what 2019 has offered. We are eight episodes in and it’s time to once again give you my thoughts on what I’m watching. Check it out after the cut!

Image result for anime fall pictures
It’s always thigh time.

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On my Radar for Fall 2019: An Ecchi, Moar Fate, a Detective Thriller, and SHIP GIRL WAIFUS!!!!!#!!$!$!$!#!#

Summer is all but over, and it’s time to put on some nice coats and have pumpkin spice on literally fucking everything. It also means a new anime season! Fall 2019 is the last of what has been a see-saw of a year for anime, with some great hits, and more than few misses. I’ve picked a handful of shows I’m going to be talking about on the blog, so let’s check em out after the cut!

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Cold weather doesn’t stop skirts.

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Quick Thoughts on: Nobunaga-sensei no Osananuzma: The Other TILF Show.

It has not been a good year for Ecchi in 2019. The shows have been sparse and those we do have have been decent at best, horrible at worst, or in the case of Why the Hell are you Here Teacher?: censored to hell and back.

That’s a shame really, because 2018 was all around a banner year for the sub genre, with How not to Summon a Demon Lord becoming a runaway hit, and High School DxD Hero proving to everyone why it’s still the king. While 2019 is not over yet, and there are some interesting shows coming up (Please don’t suck Isekai MILF!). It has just been a really weak year.

The show we are looking at today is one of those weaker shows, so join me as I take a look at Nobunaga-sensi no Osananzuma, or, Nobunaga teacher’s young bride.

Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma
Teacher Fucker Anime 1 of 2.

Nobunaga Sensei is a very strange show. With each episode around 6 to 7 minutes, it always feels like a show that is just getting started before it suddenly ends, which is a shame because the premise is actually quite interesting.

Our lead, a decedent of the great Oda Nobunaga is a teacher at a local high school and everything is peaceful until, when his hand touches an ancient object, he finds himself in the presence of a young girl named Saito Kicho who claims that she is his bride to be. What follows next are short mini episodes of ecchi antics where more and more girls connected to Nobunaga’s life are introduced to cause comedic chaos.

Related image
This is anime, no it’s not.

Now it’s hard to talk about a show like this simply because it’s so short. This is a show that at the very least should have been 12 to 15 mins, or a full 24. There is enough comedy among the girls, enough chemistry among the characters that the series could have gone on for a bit longer, but I guess they didn’t bother.Which is a shame, because unlike the other show, this one was actually uncensored and brings a respectable amount of “the goods”. Again this has been a horrible year for ecchi, so beggars can’t be choosers and thankfully there is quite a bit done in the short run time.

And that’s about all I have to say about  Nobunaga-sensi no Osananzuma. I was never not entertained by the show, and I chuckled a more than a few times at some of the comedy. It’s nothing special at all, but hey…at least it’s fully uncensored.

Image result for nobunaga sensei gifs
Yes, multiple times.

Housekeeping: Some Upcoming Posts and The New Blog in Town!

Hey guys.

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Probably the only Attack on Titan image that’ll ever get on here.

This week will mark the start of The Summer of Love, with the first post coming up early this week (day TBD), but I wanted to take this time to spotlight a new blog done by two fellow WordPress Members: Lynn from The Otaku Author, and Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog. It’s called Ecchi Hunter and it’s going to be a blog where those two discuss all aspects of the Ecchi genre, review and rate shows, and of course talk about the best Ecchi has to offer.

Ever since I came back to the anime world about *checks notes* fourish years ago? Ecchi and Harem anime have been a staple of my anime diet. I’ve always been a staunch defender of the genre and still believe it can tell good stories when done right. So I am excited to hear that other bloggers are taking up the mantle of sharing that belief with the world. I wish them the best of luck and I suggest you check out their blog as the post start rolling in. I may even show up as well.

Right, anyway. While I’ve already made a post on what’s coming up for The Summer of Love. I wanted to also drop an update on some other stuff that is coming or that you might have missed.

I dropped a character dive on Naruto’s Naruto Uzumaki earlier this week. I’m quite proud of how it turned out.

I’m planning this summer to do a review on the series Bible Black. Yes, I wasn’t fucking kidding, that’s something that is going to happen. Crow said he’d read it!

I’ve sent out a post talking about the anime I’ve been watching this season and my thoughts after eight episodes. Check it out then go watch YU-NO, cause seriously your missing out.

Finally, while it’s still in the “thinking about” stages, I think I am going to return and read through shallow dive on the manga series Black Cat. I’ve gushed about this series (written and drawn by To Love Ru’s illustrator!) before, and I want to go back to it. This probably will be more of a fall thing, but something to look forward to!

As always thanks to CrowIrinaLynnKarandiScottYomu and Matt and Pete for always liking or sharing my posts and welcoming my comments. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the blog as much as I enjoy working on it.

The Quintessential Quintuplets: Fearsome Fivesome

The Harem and Ecchi Genre are two types of anime that go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. There is just something about perverted antics and harem hijinks that just make series work. Yet what happens when you just have a straight harem with no ecchi? Can something like that even succeed? Well in the case of the show we are talking about today, it apparently can. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to watching it, let’s take a dive into last seasons’s The Quintessential Quintuplets after the cut.

Image result for the quintessential quintuplets POSTER
The Great Waifu War

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Tune of the Week(ish) YU-NO’s”Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo”

YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of This World is the anime that no one seems to be talking about this season (not even on WordPress!) and I don’t know why. Seven episodes in and the show is already a gripping and interesting story of time travel with plenty of “spiciness” added into the mix.

Either way, the Tune of the Week is the opening of YU-NO:Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo” by Asaka

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War: The Complete 180

The “three episode rule” is a standard for Anime fans it seems nowadays. Most people agree that three episodes of a new series are enough to judge whether or not it is good or worth watching. While I believe in that idea somewhat, I also feel that sometimes a show needs more time to establish itself and that dismissing a show too early can rob you of a great experience, and frankly there has been no better example then what we are discussing today. After the cut is my thoughts on the other best anime of the season: Kaguya-Sama: Love is War.

Image result for love is war
I never expected to go through the wringer with this show.

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