Quick Thoughts on: Do You Love your Mom and Her Two Hit Multi-Target Attacks Trailer: Gimme.



Gimme gimme, gimme gimme.

Seriously, I want this broken down and injected into my veins. I do not do hype, I hate it, but THIS is going to be amazing if it even lives up to a third of what I think it will be. Ecchi has been in such short supply this year, ranging for decent to horribly censored. This is the great last real hope we have for 2019. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. Just be good enough.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

Quick Thoughts on: Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Preview Episode: Oh Shit, Waver’s Hot Now.

The Fate Franchise continues to grow and it looks like 2019 will be a good year overall. With the second part of the Heaven’s Feel trilogy coming out this month, Fate Grand Order somehow still making billions with anime adaptations on their way, and more and more merch. Fate Stay Night looks like it is entering 2019 strong and healthy and will continue to be.

One treat we got a few days ago was the preview episode for one of the more popular Fate spinoffs. My thoughts on Lord El-Melloi II Case Files is after the video.

After watching the preview episode, I am pretty excited about this. The Fate Spinoffs have always maintained a rather loose connection to the main Fate universe, and Case Files is no exception. While its connection is stronger than most, the show stars Waver Velvet, the only master who walked away from Fate/Zero in a better place, or you know…alive. The show is more about the now adult Waver solving cases involving the magic and politics of the Clocktower, complete with his own Saber looking partner. There doesn’t look to be any major references to the Holy Grail War or the events of either Fate/Zero or Fate Stay Night.

Honestly? I’m ok with that. Any chance to expand the world of Fate (yes I know there is the greater Nasuverse, but one thing at a time here) is welcome in my eyes. The world of mages and the Clocktower was always in the background of Fate Stay Night, so seeing how the rest of the world operates is going to be really fun to see. I don’t expect much on that front, but I love a good mystery as much as the next guy.

Besides, anime Severus Snape looks like he’s gonna wreck some shit. We’ll find out in Summer 2019, but the first episode makes things feel really promising.

Quick Thoughts on Heaven’s Feel: Lost Butterfly Trailer 3

Oh man, Oh man, Oh man.

This November, I did a month-long look into every facet of the Fate Franchise, and that included my thoughts on the first of the Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy: Presage Flower.

I recently watched the movie again (dubbed this time) and while I enjoyed it far more on my second viewing, my thoughts on the film remain the same: Presage Flower is 90% set up for the following two films. So it was my hope that the second entry: Lost Butterfly jumps right to the meat of things. The second trailer allured my fears somewhat, but now looking at our third trailer, I feel much more at ease. My thoughts after the video.

Oh man…

This movie is shaping up to be everything I was hoping for. With the pieces in place, Lost Butterfly looks like it’s going to crank things up to eleven and then some. I know what takes place in the Heaven’s Feel route; the darkest and most in-depth of the three, and I cannot wait for it come to life. With rumors that the director pushed heavily to include the erotic scenes (that have been cut from the novel’s re-release and pretty much scrubbed from the Fate canon), I am confident that this is going to be true to form adaptation, as best it can be, of the route.

I don’t do hype, but I am excited as hell for this movie. I cannot wait to see the story of Sakura Matou start to reach its zenith, cause hoooo man…shit is gonna get real. Regardless, Fate Stay Night, Studio Ufotable, and Aimer are a match made in heaven.

Quick Thoughts on: Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;ssurection Trailer 2: Spinzaku returns!

The 2000s had many extremely good anime series and will remain a pivotal moment in the history of the Anime fandom. There are many reasons for this, most notable being the beginning and end of the ‘fansub’ era that is pretty much responsible for keeping anime interest alive in the West.

One such show was Code Geass Lelouch of the Revolution, which to many was a keystone part of anime during this decade. With designs by the legendary CLAMP and a story of betrayal, politics, pizza, and giant robots. Code Geass was very well received by fans and remains a cornerstone of the genre. Even if it was pretty much Death Note with robots.

And now we are getting a new entry, with a movie sequel to the movie re-tellings of the original series, titled simple Lelouch of the Re;ssurection. My thoughts are after the cut.

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Fatevember: Quick Thoughts on Heaven’s Feel: Lost Butterfly Trailer 2

Fatevember will continue this week with a look at the other three main spinoff series (Apocrypha, Last Encore, and Grand Order: First Order), but I first wanted to drop a post sharing some quick thoughts on the second trailer of Heavens’ Feel: Lost Butterfly, the second installment of the Heaven’s Feel trilogy.

As I stated before in my look into the first movie Presage Flower (which you can find here.) That movie was hampered in many ways by having to be 90% set up for the rest of the story. This film, however, seems to be doing exactly what I want by kicking things right into high gear.

Once again, everything looks absolutely gorgeous. Say what you will about Fate, as many people on the internet have, but you can’t deny that Studio Ufotable is pouring millions into making these movies look absolutely stunning. I’m really looking forward to finally seeing Sakura Matou step into the spotlight and getting to watch the major plot divergences that Heaven’s Feel is famous for. Also excited to see Illyasviel step center stage as well, as she acts very much like the secondary heroine in the route.

Presage flower was a good start, but I am hoping that Lost Butterfly starts delivering the goods, and by the looks of this trailer. I think Fate fans are in for a really fun ride.