Three Years of Shallow Dives in Anime

This week will mark the 3rd anniversary of Shallow Dives in Anime! I can’t believe that much time has passed, and frankly, I can’t believe that I’ve managed to keep it up.

Three years in, I’ve been shocked at how well the blog has done. It has always been a passion project of mine, something I used to get my thoughts out in the world instead of letting them stew in my mind. I haven’t set out to re-write the book on blogging, or give out some great, grandiose thoughts on this or that anime. I’ve just been a dude attempting to throw out his opinions on shows he likes, and perhaps do so with an honest and open mind.

That honest and open mind has, over the three years solidified into the real purpose of this blog. Hyperbole, cliquishness and arrogance is all over the place, and people would rather twist the words of this or that show to fit their viewpoints, instead of seeing things for what it is. I have tried to do the opposite. I don’t see anime for what it wants to be, I see anime for what it is. To cut through the bullshit and deliver points that are short, sweet and get to the gist of the matter.

Whether it is the brutal truth surrounding Wonder Egg Priority. Going to bat for Gundam SEED, talking about difficult ideas revolving Fate/Illya’s Kuro. Admiring the sheer courage of Redo of Healer. Trying to split the difference over Faye Valentine, or seeing what is good in shows that may not be. I’ve approached every anime that has crossed this blog, good or bad, sweet or sour, with a measure of fairness. There is very little I will not talk about on this blog, and whatever does come up almost always has something special to share.

As always I have many people to thank: CrowIrinaLynnScottYomu, PeteJon Spencer,,  iniksbane and infinitezenith for always being there for chat or comment. And most of all to you. If you have taken the time to look at one of my posts, leave a like, or even a comment. Know that you have always brought a smile to my face. and warmth to my heart.

So here is to three years of Shallow Dives in Anime. You can look forward to the Thursday post with the celebration review. One that has been a long, long time coming. I am very interested in seeing what people think, but for now, all I can say is this.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Housekeeping: Spring and Summer 2021 plans and beyond!

Hey guys.

It’s been awhile since I’ve looked back at the blog, and since then I’ve talked about a lot of stuff, and made it through some of my lists. So I think it is time to come back, do some housekeeping and lay out what the plans are for the spring and the summer! Let’s get into it after the cut!

Annalyn's Corner: Not Just a Freak! Aoyama-kun and Assumptions – Beneath  the Tangles
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Schrodinger’s Harem: Kirito and the Girls of Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online, being as popular as it is, has been a series that has received more than its fair share of criticism over the years. While some of it is fair and merited, most seems to be superficial and surface level. Yet while everyone is entitled to their own views on the series (you either like it or you don’t), and while much of the critiques over the series are addressed over time. There has been one accusation thrown at Sword Art Online that has stuck around more than all others.

Kirito’s ‘harem.’

The idea that Sword Art Online is a harem anime, that all the girls are in love with Kirito, and that they are just there to be part of said harem, it something that has been lobbied at the series time and again. Even in my short time among this fandom, I have seen the critique thrown out as some sort of ‘gotcha’ moment. Having watched many, MANY harem anime over the years, and having seen almost all of Sword Art Online, I today to examine that critique, where it comes from, and how yes, in some ways it exists, but how it is also not true. Let’s get into it after the cut.

((Spoilers for the ending of War of the Underworld up ahead. Anime only viewers, please be aware))

SAO Girls
Time to beat this dead horse.

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Don’t @ Me: Seven of my Anime Opinions: Back with the Canucks Edition

It’s Monday, I’m one year older, and I’m back with the fucking Canucks. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, the place that, like Bercouli, I hit it and then quit it with my random thoughts on all things anime, manga and the like. Blogging will resume normally now that I’m all settled in, but until then I’m just gonna shoot my mouth off on whatever comes to mind. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Uzaki-chan wants to know if you're alright. | Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!  | Know Your Meme
Worse than Hitler, Stalin, Emo-Shinji, Episode 21 of Darling in the Franxx and Covid-19 put together. Apparently.

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Housekeeping: Summer 2020 plans and beyond.

Hey guys.

It’s that time again where I take a moment to do some housekeeping on the blog. Talk about where we’ve been, what are we doing, and what we plan to do in the future. I always enjoy touching base with the readership, as well as giving myself a post to look back on when thinking about my future plans. Plenty has happened since our last housekeeping post, so let’s not waste anymore time and get into it.

From Up on Poppy Hill – Cleaning | Nefarious Reviews
Nothing but REACH!

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Shallower Dives: Ten Series in Three Sentences or Less!

It’s new topic time!

Shallow Dives in Anime has always, always, been about giving you the viewer concise and to the point views on everything related to this industry. No long ass essays, no rambling about how this or that affects me. No trying to stretch a series around some idea or ideology just to make me look smart. No, we are straight, to the point and get it done.

Now while I do like to ramble a bit (who doesn’t?) I think I’ve done a good job at this with most of my posts. But yesterday I was thinking, I wonder if I could do it even short.

Welcome to Shallower Dives, were I will give you my review of an anime, manga, light novel, visual novel, whatever in nothing less than three sentences. Let’s get to it.

Related image
The only diving anime picture I could find.

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Final Thoughts on YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World

One of the best things when it comes to Anime is when you come across a series that pulls you in. A series that really grips you by the hands, pulls you into it’s world and never, ever lets go. A series that has you dive into every corner of it’s world, picking at every bone, every nook and cranny, and most of all, a series that you don’t want to leave when it is all done.

In my entire three decades on this earth, and over two decades as an anime fan, I have only experienced such a feeling twice when it comes to anime. One was with High School DxD, a series I’ve lauded and praised again and again. The other was Fate/Stay Night, whose legacy speaks for itself. I’ve loved both series and I figured it would be sometime until I found another series like that, but then I came across YU-NO.

Join me after the cut as I give you my final thoughts on YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World.

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