Bi-Weekly Booty: Asia Argento from High School DxD

I’m an ass man here on Shallow Dives in Anime, and every two weeks we put on another beautiful derrière on display. Our bi-weekly booty this time around is one that is close to the hearts of many. Pure, beautiful and white, it’s Asia Argento from High School DxD

Bi-Weekly Booty: 2B from NeiR:Automata

I’m doing a new thing. It’s your bi-weekly booty! Thanks to anime being anime, I’ve become something of an ass man over these last few years. If you’ve followed my twitter, then you’ve probably seen the ungodly amounts of booty I post. It’s just what I do.

So, every two weeks, I’ll post a picture of what I think is the best anime ass I’ve seen. Will this work? Or will I give up after I run out of pictures? We’ll let fate be the judge. This week we start this off with one of the best. 2B from NeiR: Automata!