Why the Hell are you Here Sensei?: The Perfect Review

Now let’s talk about the other teacher fucker show! Yes, we didn’t get just one, but TWO shows based around teacher and students having the hots for each other. While Nobunaga Sensei’s Young Bride brought the goods, can this series, known for it’s almost hentai level of Ecchi keep up? This review has taken me hours to craft, going over every little detail. So after the cut join me on an in-depth shallow dive on the series Why the Hell are you here Sensei?

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
This is the best review ever made.

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Shimoneta’s Anna Nishikinomiya: A Hilarious Warning about Policing Morality.

(This is a reblog and edit of a previous Character Dive, because hey..this is a bit more relevant now!)

Some series are known for only one or two things. Breakout characters or jaw-dropping moments are often what immortalize a show in the minds of many. I don’t know how many conversations I’ve heard where people have said: “You just gotta watch this show for this character or this one amazing moment. Sometimes these characters become so popular and well beloved that overtake the series they are in, for good or ill. Fonze from Happy Days grew well beyond the show he was in. The character of Fraiser from Cheers found success beyond his first show. In anime, we have seen it in characters like Levi from Attack on Titan or the Gotei 13 from Bleach. Even characters who don’t overtake the show such as Dragon Ball’s Vegeta, or Naruto’s Sasuke Uchiha often find themselves elevated to a higher status because of their breakout.

Today we’ll be talking about just such a character, a character that not only completely dominates the entire show,  but almost single handily can be credited for its success. I am course talking about Shimoneta’s Anna Nishikinomiya. Let’s get into it after the cut.


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Both a Social Commentary and the Funniest Character in Years.

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Shimoneta’s Ayame Kajou and Anna Nishikinomiya: Trailblazing Leads


To discuss our next character, we should first talk about a common recurring trope in both Western and Eastern stories. It may go by something different, (most likely the “Genki girl”) but most people know it as The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

The concept is simple. The MPDG shows up in the main character’s, who is often boring, dull and listless in his life, and brings it more life through her quirky personality, lovable antics, and overall feisty behavior. She can normally look a bit different from the norm, sometimes with wild colorful air, or clothes that are normally not worn. The MPDG can often be seen as lazy writing because the character often has no personal goals or wishes, she (and it’s almost ALWAYS a she) is merely a tool to get the male character a better outlook on life. Natalie Portman’s character in the movie Garden State is a prime example of this. In anime, we see this in people like Haruhi Suzumiya, Nia from Gurren Lagann, and more recently Zero-Two from 2018′s Darling in the Franxx.

Shimoneta works with this trope but subverts it in many ways, or at the very least puts enough effort that our heroine has presence, personality and a life beyond simply being a device for our hero. The result is what we’ll be discussing right after the cut.


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Best Friends, Sworn Enemies, Excellent Characters


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Shimoneta: Get Down, Get Dirty

A bit of a longer post, and a multi-parter as well. Something like this just needs more than a single post.

Anyone who is a fan of entertainment has their favorites, but they also have shows that instantly grab them in and get them hooked. These are the ones that leave you with something to chew on, that becomes part of your regular rotation, and ones you might splurge out the money for the Blu-Rays or collectibles. One you keep telling your friends: “Oh you have to check out _______”

Everyone has them, in regards to anime and manga I will always rate shows like High School DxD, Full Metal Alchemist, Black Cat, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Gundams Wing and Seed as some of my top favorites, those shows I will always suggest people check out or read. Most recently one such show has come out and just instantly drew me in, a show that I keep coming back to and thinking about. That series is, of course, Hirotaka Akagi’s Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes doesn’t Exist.

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Truth! Justice! Freedom! Anime Titties!

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