Fate/Stay Night’s Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou: Love bound by Duty and Protection

Last year around Valentine’s Day I did a character dive on a number of anime relationships that I really liked. One of them, and the most popular was the relationship between Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka from Unlimited Blade Works. It was a great post and I loved talking about what still remains one of my favorite couples in all of anime.

But that is just one of three main relationships in the main Fate story. What about the other two? Well another year has passed, so it is time to dig back into this world! After the cut let’s take a character dive into the relationship of Heaven’s Feel’s Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou!

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Love forged by what is right and what is needed.
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Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki: The Choice of a Woman

This is a topic that I’ve dabbled in a few times throughout my look at Sword Art Online. It’s also something that is near and dear to my heart. One of the things I love most about anime is that amount freedom it tends to offer their female characters. There are archetypes sure, there are overdone tropes and clichés yes, but most of the time female characters in anime have a pretty good deal. They can be bossy, slutty, powerful, weak, warriors, healers, leaders, followers, sluts, pure. You name it, anime has pretty much got it. As always, such things are never perfect, but I’ve always felt that anime gives a far, far better range of choice than anything the west does.

One such character however has really pulled my interest over the last year, and today I want to talk about her a bit more. After the cut let’s take a character dive into the female lead of Sword Art Online: Asuna Yuuki.

Asuna Yuuki : swordartonline
Thighs for days too.
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Sword Art Online’s Kirito: The Scribing of the Blank Slate

He is the hero of Sword Art Online. A blueprint for so many Isekai heroes to come. But he is also a scapegoat for everything people find wrong with the series, a character criticized for being nothing more than a generic harem lead. A gary-stu who never really suffers any setback. Much has been said about the lead of Sword Art Online, but throughout my journey with the anime series, I have seen something else: a story about a young boy stepping out of his self imposed shell and becoming a well adjusted and brave young man. A blank slate that is forged into a solid story of wins and losses. After the cut, let’s take a character dive into Sword Art Online’s main character: Kirito.

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Kakegurui’s Yumeko Jabami: Pure as the Snow

Our look at the series Kakegurui would not be complete if we didn’t discuss the main character. One who makes the shows what it is, and provides a refreshing take on something well worn within the anime world. This is something that I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while now, and I’m looking forward to share my thoughts. After the cut, let’s take a look at the main heroine of Kakegurui: Yumeko Jabami.

The Pure White Princess

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The Summer of Love II: Date A Live’s Tohka Yatogami: The Best Main Girl

The Summer of Love II continues! This is the final major post of the series, as next week will wrap up with our final thoughts. However I would be remiss if I didn’t end out look at Date A Live with a discussion on the series main female lead. Plenty to say, and not enough time to say it. After the cut let’s take a character dive into the main female lead of Date A Live: Tohka Yatogami

Check out my initial character dive right here!

Best of the Mains

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The Summer of Love II: Date A Live’s Kurumi Tokisaki: Breakout Babe

The Summer of Love II continues! We only have half of season 3 left to discuss,but there are still posts to be done! Anime has dozen of memorable characters, and many of them are female. Whether it is cute looks, over the top reactions, great powers, a tragic backstory, or just a really awesome set of boobs. There have been anime characters that have managed to strike a cord with fans all over the world. However, every now and then a character comes along that just seems to completely dominate the discourse, that breakout hit that surpasses even the writers expectations. Date A Live has one of those, and today we are going to look at her. Join me after the cut as we take a character dive into the show’s breakout babe: Kurumi Tokisaki.

Kurumi 1
Right on the Mark


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The Summer of Love II: Date A Live’s Shido Itsuka: The Best of the Bland

The Summer of Love II continues! While we will be wrapping up our look at Season 2 next week, part of this months long look into Date A Live involves examining a few of the key characters. We have about three on the docket this time around, and I think it is best to start off with our main lead. So join me after the cut as I dive into the main character of Date A Live: Shido Itsuka.

The King of Alright

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School Day’s Sekai Saionji: Buyer’s Remorse

I honestly thought I was done with my look at School Days after my last post, but I figured that I couldn’t call it a wrap on this series if I didn’t talk about the other main character. We don’t leave a job half done here on Shallow Dives in Anime, and I’m not about to start now, and there is plenty left to say. Join me after the cut as I character dive into the second main heroine of the series: Sekai Saionji

Image result for Sekai school days
Careful what you wish for

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School Day’s Kotonoha Katsura: The Ticking Time Bomb

We still have a bit of School Days left to talk about folks! We’ve discussed the series as a whole, given some bite sized opinions, and even talked about the killer opening theme. However we haven’t really discussed any of the character in any level of detail that is common. Honestly, the entire cast of School Days could warrant several of these, but today I just want to focus on the one I think is most interesting. Join me after the cut as I dive into the main heroine of the series Kotonoha Katsura.

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Cute on the outside, dangerous on the inside.

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Magical Sempai’s Magical Sempai: Shallow, Silly, Sexy, Stupendous

I have long been an observer of the pop culture landscape. While I never directly engage with it to protect both sanity (and because I don’t have the time to waste on that bullshit) I have always enjoyed watching the “discourse” evolve around entertainment and the people involved in it. Is that weird? Kinda, but we all got our interests I suppose.

One thing that I’ve noticed in the last few years, is that in the west, there seems to be a real battle over the depiction of women in cartoons and media, and while I am absolutely not an expert in that field, I’ve been coming to the conclusion that, in terms of the west, female characters often seem hampered by the need to be about “something.” Too often I find that female characters are often held to impossible standards, and that they must spend more time constantly justifying their existence or fighting for a “cause” than just being actual characters. Female characters have to adhere to silly shallow ideas of “strong” and “independent” and aren’t allowed the vast creative freedoms offered to male characters. They can’t just be normal, they can’t be people full of flaws or virtues. They are always judged by how they contribute to “the cause,” whatever that cause may be.

Anime I’ve seen, doesn’t suffer from that problem. As the medium is almost neatly split down the middle, with a large, respected and well entrenched female fan-base. I’ve noticed that female characters are often given far more creative liberty and freedom to encompass a wide range of archetypes. Most of all though, they are allowed to be just be people, and the best example I’ve seen lately came from the most unexpected place. After the cut let’s take a character dive into the titular lead of Magical Sempai: Magical Sempai.

((For the sake of avoiding confusion, I will now refer to the lead character as just ‘Sempai’))

Related image
Also winner of best walking animation 2019.


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