Buddy Daddies: Two and a Half Men

Well at least one of the shows I watched this season actually finished. Everyone else has been delayed or is restarting its run. Either way I have talked about that far enough and for now this post is on this show. Something that I think in a normal run would have either been a big hit or a sleeper one. After the cut let’s take a dive into Buddy Daddies and find out what’s what.

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Kage-jitsu!: The Delta Quadrant.

While The Eminence in Shadow has wrapped up (for now). There is still plenty of stuff I want to talk about. This is the first in two posts I have on the series this week, and one I never really thought I would do. Still I haven’t really enjoyed a show as much since this one, and I feel like I do have a bit more to say. With all that said, let’s get into the mini series: Kage-jitsu! after the cut!

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Quick Thoughts on: The Eminence in Shadow Episodes 13-20: The Sonata of Mundane Mann

The Eminence in Shadow was a show that I have praised to high heaven and back. Those first 12 episodes were just fantastic, a great premise that it commits to, cute girls and so much good humor. It was my personal favorite of the year and something I suggest anyone watch. It was also a show that had a few more episodes in the tank. I wanted to take some time to go over my thoughts on this “second half.”

My thoughts on the first half of the series is right here!

  1. The third story arc of the series does feel like it drags on for one or two episodes longer than it should. There were just a few times when I thought things were being extended more than they should. I did like Cid’s conversations with Aurora and Delta going absolutely batshit insane. Epsilon’s boob gag was also bloody fantastic.
  1. The fourth story arc however is an excellent return to form. Cid wanting to be the ‘weakling that is actually super powerful” was hilarious and I loved seeing how Annerose kept trying to mimic his moves. The show is truly at its best when it is about people reacting to Cid’s antics.
  1. Beatrix was a cute addition, and I enjoyed how she reminded me of Saber from Fate/Stay NIght. Her final throwdown with Shadow was bloody fantastic, and she has a great design. Hope she sticks around.
  1. Rose had a solid story arc, and her falling in love with Cid just because he wanted to act out some stupid fantasy was comical as all hell. Her decision to kill her father and that entire story was not bad, and I was glad that it didn’t dominate the entire plot like in the Aurora-arc.
  1. You know this show is having so much fun with its naming scheme. Perv Asshat is so fucking great, and Imatry Nottolose makes me snicker. This series is so confident in what is trying to be that it can have this sort of humor and make it work. Mundane Mann just might be the most powerful swordsman in anime history.
  1. Iris’s breakdown and the pressure she has put on herself is a cool story beat that I hope we get to see more of. I do have a theory that Cid’s actions are creating enemies unintentionally and I wonder where the story will go from there.
  1. The animation is pretty decent throughout and I was glad that that saved the money for the scenes that matter. There is a general sense of consistancy and no hint of corners being cut. That’s always good from a mid-tier anime like this.

Overall, The Eminence in Shadow is going to go down as one of my favorite anime I’ve watched since I started this blog. Absolutely a series I want to own on Blu-ray, and one I am dead set on collecting through the light novel. Everything I praise in my full blog post remains true, this is a gem of gems guys. Make sure to check out.

The Best and Worst of Anime 2022

Once again we have finished another year in anime. Plenty of amazing shows, plenty of shows that were good, and other shows that weren’t. I’ve hummed and hawed over my list, and finally come to my decision regarding what I think is the best and worst of the year. Have things changes since my last halftime look? Well sit down, relax and let’s find out right after the cut!

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SpyxFamily Second Cour: The Spy Who Lost Momentum

When we last left off with this anime, I was all but assured that it would walk away with the coveted ‘Anime of the Year’ award. That was especially true when it was announced that Crunchyroll wouldn’t be counting (for some stupid reason) the last season of the year. Yet has that same feeling remained after it’s second half? Or has the anime been unable to keep up? One look at the title of this post should tell you, but if you are more curious, join me after the cut as I dive into the second cour of SpyxFamily.

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Re-Dive: Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie?

I’ve dabbled in several harem series throughout my blogging world, and through those highs and lows I still never felt as refreshed as I did when I watched this show. Coming out in a year where ecchi and harem shows were at an all-time low. This was an anime that was like drinking water after a drought. A fun and cute little story with a great script and plenty of cute girls to enjoy. Yet it has been a few years and this is a story I wanted to get back too. Was it as good as I said it was? Or was the fact that this was the only thing on the menu give it  praise it didn’t deserve? Well we are going to find out, so join me after the cut as we Re-Dive into Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie? 

My original thoughts can be found right here!

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The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2: Curl, the Monkey Paw Does.

While it is a minor miracle that this show even got a second season, the joy at that happening doesn’t mean it gets a free pass for what it actually is. I am not a harsh critic here at Shallow Dives in Anime, but I also don’t pull my punches. If something doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. I won’t call it an abomination or the worst thing to ever happen, but I won’t look the other way either. I call it like I see it, praising the good and what works, along with the bad and what doesn’t. With all that said, let’s take a dive into the second season of The Devil is a Part-Timer after the cut.

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A Silent Voice: WHAT?

I’ve spoken about anime films before and how they can be divided into two separate types. The first are the anime series films, or franchise films. These are your Naruto, One Piece, My Hero, Fate, Demon Slayer. All the (usually non-canon) films that piggyback off their popular series. The other is the ‘feeling films’, which normally discuss big themes ideas, or as I put it: Your Daily Existential Crisis. I’ve watched several of the former, but rarely of the latter. Yet that has changed recently with my viewing of this film. Did I like it? Or was I bored? Well after the cut let’s take a dive into A Silent Voice and find out!

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