Don’t @ Me in The Summer of Love: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Date A Live Edition

The Summer of Love II has only a few posts left. It’s been fun, but busy time this go around, and I look forward to bringing it all home tomorrow with our last look at the final half of season 3. Today though, here are some anime opinions about the series Date A Live!

Natsumi married
Romance at its finest.

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The Summer of Love II: Date A Live’s Kurumi Tokisaki: Breakout Babe

The Summer of Love II continues! We only have half of season 3 left to discuss,but there are still posts to be done! Anime has dozen of memorable characters, and many of them are female. Whether it is cute looks, over the top reactions, great powers, a tragic backstory, or just a really awesome set of boobs. There have been anime characters that have managed to strike a cord with fans all over the world. However, every now and then a character comes along that just seems to completely dominate the discourse, that breakout hit that surpasses even the writers expectations. Date A Live has one of those, and today we are going to look at her. Join me after the cut as we take a character dive into the show’s breakout babe: Kurumi Tokisaki.

Kurumi 1
Right on the Mark


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Quick Thoughts on the Announcement of Date A Live’s Spin-off Anime: Date A Bullet

I am glad I waited a few days before I posted this, because I wanted to the dust to clear and more facts to get out. A little while ago, it was revealed and confirmed that Date A Live would be getting a new anime project. Everyone thought it was going to be a season 4, but it turns out that it is an anime adaption of the spin-off Kurumi focused novel: Date A Bullet!


So how do I feel about this?

I’ll admit, I’m bummed that this is not a season 4, though there is murmurings and leaked images that could confirm that a season 4 is still happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what we get. Honestly though, it makes the most sense. Date A Live is a very popular anime series, and 95% of the reason is Kurumi. Her popularity is MASSIVE. Her design, attitudes, looks, and power are that perfect storm of creative genius that I haven’t seen since ReZero’s Rem. She moves merchandise, and she sells merchandise, which is still the holy law that governs anime. She isn’t my favorite girl of the series (It’s Yoshino or Tohka), but this feels like the right way for the series to go for now.

I have no doubt this series will be a hit, and with more than five volumes under its belt, there is more than enough for a season or two if it really kicks off. Date A Live is the ultimate ‘B-tier’ harem anime, with a great world, fun and well designed characters an absolute IRONCLAD commitment to its premise. It’s not as well told as High School DxD, and it’s ecchi doesn’t even begin to touch To Love Ru, or others, but it still an excellent example of how harem can tell good stories, not just decent or great ones. Any chance to step back into this world is welcome.

We’ll get more information in November, and I wouldn’t be surprised of those season 4 leaks turn out to be true, but I also won’t be surprised if this is all we are getting. Either way, it’s more Date A Live, so that is more than enough reason to celebrate.