Celebrate Koneko’s Birthday with the English Dub!

It’s November 23rd, which is the birthday of one Koneko Toujou, one of the main girls of High School DxD and my personal favorite character from the series. (I still love you Akeno). I can think of no better way to celebrate this day, with a clip showing off her English voice!

There have been many voice actors who had turned out great performances in anime over the year. Yet only a handful of a handful have given a performance that is viewed to be just as good, or even superior to the Japanese seiyuu. Jad Saxton’s work as Koneko, coupled with Funimation’s clever script, is one of those few, a performance that shows just a small hint of talent from one of the businesses best voice actors.

I heard you like lists: Five more of my favorite anime and manga lines!

I like lists, do you like lists? Well I heard you like lists. A few months ago I threw out my second post that discussed my favorite lines from anime and manga. Today I’m going to do the same thing! Join me after the cut as I give you five more of my favorite lines!

What Does it Take to be an (English) Anime Voice Actor?

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Your Miyako Moment of the Week

Changing things up this week! Instead of our usual anime song. I want to celebrate one of the best dub performances. I love Majikoi: Oh! Samurai Girls! It remains a personal favorite harem series, with great characters, tender moments, and a great dub. Brittney Karbowski as Miyako still remains one best performances she’s ever given, and I want to share a clip with you. Enjoy!

The Summer of Love: The English Dub of High School DxD

We will be jumping into the second half of season one next week with a look at the “Raiser Arc” and all it brings to the table, but this week I wanted to steer the Summer of Love into a topic that many people don’t really discuss: The English Dub, and my overall thoughts and feelings on it. There is a good, a lot of good, and some slightly not so good. So join me after the cut as we jump into our next chapter of The Summer of Love, the dub! This is another long one, so be ready!

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A serious poster for a not at all serious show.

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Majikoi’s Momoyo Kawakami: Her Greed, and Her Fear

I am a firm believer in the Harem Genre and its potential to have good characters and good storytelling. The genre hasn’t yet produced a ‘great work’, but it has several excellent examples of characters with believable motivations and personalities and enough effort put in by their creators aside from just having a hot body and a collection of tropes to service the lowest common denominator.

Now let’s be real here, Harem animes are male power fantasies. That is an undeniable fact and it must be acknowledged up front, but they can be that AND have well developed, well rounded and interesting male and female leads that can discuss worthwhile themes such as love, dedication, devotion, and commitment. While many dismiss the genre as trash, and to be fair, it has had more than it’s share of crap work, you do yourself a disservice if you write off an entire genre of work simply because of its overall premise.

For our first Character Dive on this blog. I want to take a look at a harem female lead who in my mind, shows off the great potential that can be found in the Harem anime genre. After the cut let’s take a character dive into the main female lead of Majikoi ~ Oh! Samurai Girls!’s Momoyo Kawakami

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She can kick ass, take names, and have more emotional depth than most other female shonen leads.

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