Fire Force Season 1: Insert Fire Pun Here

This was a show that was pretty big a few months ago, and while the second season is currently airing, I dragged my feet on watching the first. I’ve said this before, but I am pretty much a lapsed Shonen fan at this point. I had my shows, I had my ‘time’ and most of what I see these days just doesn’t interest me. I’m sure they are absolutely great shows, but it’s not my thing anymore.

However every now and then I’m put those feelings aside and watch a good ol shonen. Or a show will come along that really pulls me in (Demon Slayer). The show we are talking about today is kinda that, but not really. After the cut let’s get into the first season of the hit anime of last year: Fire Force.

Fire Force

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On my Radar for Summer 2019: The Eight Episode Check-In!

The Summer Season is staring to wind down and the anime of the seasons are reaching their zenith. So far Summer has been a decently strong run, with some good shows that have surprised me. Let’s get into my thoughts on these shows, eight episodes in, after the cut!

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Post Fire-Force Bullshit

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Don’t @ Me: Again, Ten more of my Anime Opinions

I’ve been back home for a week and the relaxation won’t stop me from doing these posts! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, where, like the inevitable truth that one day I’ll finally start watching Chivalry of a Failed Knight, I rise from the earth to dish out several of my anime opinions. This week is yet again another ten of my general views. Buckle up, make peace with your maker, and join me after the cut!

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Someone give Yunyun a hug for the love of god.

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On my Radar for Summer 2019: The Three Episode Check-In!

The Summer season has begun and there have been several shows that have I started watching. My list from the last post has changed alot since then, having dropped both Vinland Saga due to it being on Amazon and not bothering to look at Arifureta due to people saying it was just horrible. That being said, there is still plenty to look at, so join me after the cut as I give you my thoughts: three episodes in!

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I really changed this list.

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