On my Radar for Fall 2022: The (Mostly) Eight Episode Check-In!

Fall 2022 is reaching its climax and it has been an overall strong season overall! Plenty of good shows, some surprises and a few that weren’t as good as you would expect. As always I have my thoughts as we reach the last quarter and it’s time to get into them! So after the cut, let’s see where I stand after eight episodes!

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Re-Dive: Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie?

I’ve dabbled in several harem series throughout my blogging world, and through those highs and lows I still never felt as refreshed as I did when I watched this show. Coming out in a year where ecchi and harem shows were at an all-time low. This was an anime that was like drinking water after a drought. A fun and cute little story with a great script and plenty of cute girls to enjoy. Yet it has been a few years and this is a story I wanted to get back too. Was it as good as I said it was? Or was the fact that this was the only thing on the menu give it  praise it didn’t deserve? Well we are going to find out, so join me after the cut as we Re-Dive into Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie? 

My original thoughts can be found right here!

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Parallel Paradise Volume 10: You know what else is Interesting? Grenades.

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! Like I said last time, I’m moving to a more point form type of review as I find it better to get my thoughts down with series where big events don’t often happen. So with that said, when we last left off, Youta and his girls were about to go up against a giant sandworm that was once a cute witch? Can the gang seize victory? Or is the sex adventure reaching it’s final climax? Let’s find out after the images!

  • Whatever the book tells me, I don’t think that is a fucking dragon. It’s a worm, a freaking worm. That said I enjoyed Galia’s transformation and overall defeat. It’s satisfying, gruesome and fitting for the arc. Her aging and just melting away really fit into that ‘wicked witch’ vibe.
  • Youta and the manga seem to just be getting to the jist of thing with this ‘orgasm touch’. When he wants to convince the girls to get down, he just needs to put their hand on them. It’s something we’ll be seeing more and more often and I think it is the author not having to waste pages to get to what fans want. Whether that works remains to be seen.
  • Kia is probably my favorite of the rotating cast of girls. I love how she dresses up like a wizard, but just throws fucking grenades at people. I’m not the biggest fan of her reasons for getting off on mating (animal shit, eh), but she’s cute, funny and again has a fucking cool weapon.
  • She also is probably the first character represents the manga’s shift to the ‘fuck touch’ that I mentioned above. It’s going to happen far more than it has already from now on.
  • It was great to see Misaki again and she remains a fun character. We can see how much she has changed due to Yota’s influence and frankly I love seeing more of the first batch of girls show up again.
  • Though I am curious about her ravaging by Karu. Is that her kink? Those beasts are always something that manga has yet to answer. I think they are maybe re-animated men who have been wiped out before? I’m current and I still don’t know.
  • Aside from that, most of the volume is about the fight against Galia which again, is pretty good, with several of the girls being able to get their fights in. While it’s not an action series, Paradise does have some pretty good scrapes and Yota always seems to barely win. I like shows like that, especially in this world of Isekai power-fantasy.
  • The two sex scenes in the volume are quite enjoyable, with Misaki again coming in for a familiar romp in the hay. The girls who are stuck watching also get stuff to do, something that will be extended in the upcoming volume
  • So overall, Parallel Paradise Volume 10 is a good volume that wraps up the Galia arc and has everything we love about this series. Action, Sex, and a bit more Sex. This series is once again a fun read that I can’t put down. I also got the 11th volume line up, so you can expect my thoughts on that soon!

On my Radar for Fall 2022: The Three Episode Check-In!

Fall 2022 has shaped up to be a real smasher of a season so far, one with many big hits and some surprising small ones. With a few weeks under our belt, it’s time to see how things are shaping up. Note that I have pushed Golden Kamuy off this list. Not because I haven’t enjoyed it, but that it is more a show I binge when I feel like it. You can still expect my thoughts on that later. Now let’s get into it all after the cut.

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Engage Kiss: To Avenge my Family, I Must French You!

You know what I miss? Having more B and C grade shows to watch. Not shows that are mediocre or just sloppy, but shows that are good because they are comfortable being what they are. Show that aren’t trying to be the best, or redefine the discourse, Just anime that are happy showing up, telling their story and then bowing out. Even if those shows are middling to ‘eh’, it is important to have those around. Now does the show we are looking at today do this? Well after the cut let’s take a dive into Engage Kiss and find out.

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On my Radar for Fall 2022: Shinigami, Chainsaws, Spies, Witches, and Homoerotic Treasure Hunting

Anime in 2022 has been the definition of Feast or Famine. There has been a sprinkling of heavy hitters, but a lot of stuff that has just been eh. Much seemed to having be saved for this season and now it is finally time to see if it does indeed deliver. Plenty to choose from, but after the cut, let’s see what is on my radar this Fall anime season!

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Best and Worst of Anime 2022: At the Half

Anime in 2022 is halfway over, and it has been a decent year so far. Nothing amazingly special, but still solid. Now that we’ve reached the halfway point, it’s time to give out my thoughts on what I think is the best, and the worst, of the year so far. This list will no doubt change by the time the end of 2022 rolls around, but here is where I stand! Let’s get into it after the cut.

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Date A Live IV: Resumption of Dating Algorithms

People on this blog need no introduction to this series. I’ve discussed all of the previous three seasons and The Summer of Love II was all about it! But that was then and this is now, and now we have a brand new season! Does it hold up? Is it an upgrade from the decent but ‘okay’ third outing? Well after the cut let’s take a look at Date A Live IV and find out!

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