On my Radar for Winter 2023: Mostly Stuff from 2022, 2B’s Ass, Triangles, and some Demon Chads

The 2023 anime season has started and there are some big shows coming up in the future. Not in this season it looks like, but in the future at least? No this season seems to be a relatively minor affair, and honestly? Most of the shows I’ll be watching will be continuations of previous shows going into their second cour. Still there are some stuff I’m gonna be checking out and no doubt I’ll add shit to this in a few weeks, for now let’s get into it after the cut.

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The Best and Worst of Anime 2022

Once again we have finished another year in anime. Plenty of amazing shows, plenty of shows that were good, and other shows that weren’t. I’ve hummed and hawed over my list, and finally come to my decision regarding what I think is the best and worst of the year. Have things changes since my last halftime look? Well sit down, relax and let’s find out right after the cut!

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The Eminence in Shadow: The Sweet Spot

In my entire time in the anime world, there have been several shows I have loved, but there have only ever been TWO that I’ve adored. Shows that mean so much to be, ones that I enjoy on such a deep level that they have a permanent fixture in my heart. Those two: High School DXD and YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World are ones I’ve talked about at length on this blog and for good reason. They are both great stories with strong worlds, fun characters and a narrative that just pulls me in. 

And I was pretty content with just having those two. There are plenty of other shows I’ve deeply enjoyed, even loved, but having two special ones like that was more than I needed. Until this show came out and once again I found myself finding that special kind of love. But why is that? Well, after the cut let’s take a dive into The Eminence in Shadow and find out.

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World’s End Harem Manga Volumes 6-12: A Pussy, A Chad, A Slave and their Cum-Dumpster Girlfriends defeat Feminazi Asia Argento

Earlier this year I took a look at the anime series World’s End Harem, a series that I felt was a mid-level” ecchi that had some cool ideas and concepts that it only explored at a knee-deep level. There were some great characters and moments, but also hampered by a frustrating main lead. Yet with no news of a second season to round out ‘part 1’ I figured why not just go over the manga version and give my complete thoughts? Well one trip to the bookstore later, I have purchased the entire series and I can do just that! After the cut lets take a dive into the back half of the manga version of World’s End Harem!

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Parallel Paradise Volume 11: When They Said ‘Breastplate’ They Weren’t Kidding

Our look at the manga Parallel Paradise continues! When we last left off, Yota and his bountiful bunch of bootlicious booby bimbos had fought a dragon worm and decides the best thing to do with throw grenades at it (and stab it a lot). After getting a card key and another hint for the quest to end this all. We join our heroes as they get ready to head to another town. Let’s find out what happens after the title page!

  • As always, moving to a new town means we replace the old cast with the new, though this time we find ourselves going back to the older cast, with Yota pulling Peko along for the journey. Like with the other girls, she has a bit of an aversion to men at the start, but that fades away quite quick. I will say that some of the girls are starting to blur together now, a common problem in harem series, and there wasn’t much to say about her character. She’s another notch on the belt for our hero, that’s all.
  • Though I will say that I am enjoying how practical both Yota and the story are approaching the mating process. After losing her horse, Peko has to either mate with Yota or be left behind. That fact alone is what drives the first sex scene of the volume and I have to respect the series for just stating it up front.
  • It also leads to the series first lesbian scene and while quick, it was good to see that the girls aren’t just completely all over Yota and that they’ll just tear into each other when getting aroused. It furthers my theory that all the girls here for basically sex-bots who were the only survivors of the apocalypse.
  • The newest girl of this story is a mysterious armored knight Nakuta, who decides to take the fight to Sandrio and execute any of the girls who bare the ‘mark of the male’. It’s a cool idea and I like how the rumors of Yota and his powers are spreading around, and she is a character who will take some really interesting turns in the next few volumes. Not what you expect at all!
  • That said, having Yota and the others literally rip off her breastplate to expose a boob so Yota can touch her. It’s just fucking funny and that classic harem shit you’d expect from a series like this. Again I said this last time, I am glad that this series is being practical about Yota’s ‘fuck touch’ and how to use it. That’s the mark of a writer knowing his world.
  • Aside from that Parallel Paradise’s 11th volume is another good installment with a new arc starting and plenty of sex scenes to boot! At this point, you are either in or out, and thankfully with the next installment, we will introduce a character who is going to change things up quite a bit! I hope you’ll check it out for you!

Re-Dive: Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie?

I’ve dabbled in several harem series throughout my blogging world, and through those highs and lows I still never felt as refreshed as I did when I watched this show. Coming out in a year where ecchi and harem shows were at an all-time low. This was an anime that was like drinking water after a drought. A fun and cute little story with a great script and plenty of cute girls to enjoy. Yet it has been a few years and this is a story I wanted to get back too. Was it as good as I said it was? Or was the fact that this was the only thing on the menu give it  praise it didn’t deserve? Well we are going to find out, so join me after the cut as we Re-Dive into Hensuki: Are you Willing to Fall in Love with A Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie? 

My original thoughts can be found right here!

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