The Summer of Love: High School DxD Hero Episodes 7-12: The Rating Game Arc

The Summer of Love will be a bit different this week. For this review, the final arc of the series thus far, I’m going to be throwing everything involving Sairaorg and the Rating Game down in the “Additional Thoughts,” section. That isn’t a sign of it’s quality, it’s only because I want to devote most of this post to the other half. I’ve hyped it up, I’ve planted my flag in the ground. I’ve said it is the greatest moment in the ecchi/harem genre ever put to page. Join me after the cut as we take a look at the final arc of High School DxD Hero, the final arc of the anime: The Rating Game Arc.

High School DxD Hero
The Moment of Greatness

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Tune of the Week(ish): High School DxD Hero’s SWITCH by Minami

High School DxD Hero is the one of the strongest seasons of the series, and it’s opening theme is probably the second best the series has ever had. Don’t ask me, watch for yourself! The Tune of the Week, the final one for The Summer of Love is the fourth opening for High School DxD: SWITCH

The Summer of Love: High School DxD Hero Episodes 1-6: The Kyoto Arc

The Summer of Love continues this week! We are now in the final stretch of our look at the series High School DxD and season 4 has begun! After the rather rough ride that was the back half of season 3, I can happily say that we are back in firm ground with our next installment, so join me after the cut as I dive into the first arc of High School DxD Hero: The Kyoto Arc

High School DxD Hero
Back in Black

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The Summer of Love: The Changes of Season 3 and 4

The Summer of Love continues this week! We’ve got two seasons of High School DxD in the bag and next week we’ll start our look at the third season. However before we do that, I need to take some time to discuss a rather controversial aspect of the series. No, not the fanservice, but rather the changes made during the third and fourth seasons that are still a bone of contention for some. Let’s not waste anymore time and get into it after the cut.

Image result for high school dxd
More of a real controversy than Fire Force.

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