Shinmai Maou no Testament: Self-Reflection and Personal Indulgence



Alright, fuck it. I’ve made so many references to this show before, that I feel I owe to my viewers to explain myself. This is not so much a ‘Shallow Dive’ but more of a personal unloading my cathartic rage about how I feel, one forged from months of thought, self-reflection and just…ugh… After the cut, it’s time to talk about Tetsuto Uesu’s Shinmai Maou no Testament, or in English: The Testament of Sister New Devil.

(This is a reblog of my first ever post here on Shallow Dives, with a little bit of additional information and thoughts. Totally not doing this because I have more viewers now and I want people to see what I view is my best piece of writing.)


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Fucking god dammit.

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Knight’s and Magic: A Fan Loving his Fandom

Anime can be many things to many different people at many different times.

It can make you laugh, make you cry. It can show you new and interesting things about the world. It can be full of action, it can be full of suspense. It can be all about the tits and ass, and it can be about love and romance. Anime can range from masterpieces, to by the numbers trash. It can be subtle, direct, patronizing, balancing, respectful, and even crude.

Since the Youtube era took hold, there has been a new industry of “breakdowns, video essays, and discussions” revolving around famous shows, games, or anything really involving “geek” culture. Shows are torn apart to get into the meanings of why they work, why they suck, or why such and such a thing is effective or not. Sometimes it is insightful and thought-provoking, other times, too much of the time it is bitter, self-congratulating and downright mean.

Every piece of entertainment has a different meaning for someone else. My feelings towards Shinmai Maou no Testament or High School DxD can vary wildly compared to someone else. What I might find deep, insightful, or even anger-inducing, others might just find to be plain fun. Those difference of opinions are important, and expecting everyone to get your viewpoint reeks of arrogance and ignorance. Frankly, not everything has to have a deep impactful meaning, nor does everything have to be mindless fluff.

The show we are taking a look at today stuck with me because frankly it is not concerned with being anything other than what it is. And what it is. is a full-throated loving embrace of just wanting to build giant robots. After the cut let’s dive into Hisago Amazake-no’s series Knight’s & Magic. Knight's & Magic: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray]: Justin  Briner, Aaron Roberts, Brandon McInnis, Christopher Wehkamp, Cris George:  Movies & TV

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Indulgence, Self Reflection, and Shinmai Maou no Testament

(Reposted from the Tumblr blog which can be found here)

The series that I have wanted to talk about since I started this blog. The series that is probably the only reason I decided to brace the wild jungle that is Tumblr in the first place. A show that, more than any other piece of anime: harem or not, has taken root in my mind. After the cut, it’s time to talk about Tetsuto Uesu’s Shinmai Maou no Testament, or in English: The Testament of Sister New Devil.

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*Angry Noises of Rage*

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