Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Volume 2: I Don’t Want to Get Punched, so I’ll Train This Tsundere!

Our look at the light novels of Jobless Reincarnation continues! Last time we left off Rudeus was reincarnated into a young boy with a penchant for magic. He met a cute elf girl, was trained by a cute blue haired witch and then shanghaied by a busty muscular cat woman to do a job! What happens next? Well if you didn’t watch the anime, or ya did, let’s see what happens in the next volume after the cut!

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On my Radar for Spring 2022: The Three Episode Check-In!

It’s time to take a gander at how spring 2022 has been shaping up! True to form this season has been loaded with good series and plenty of awesome sequels. I will note that I pushed my look at Tiger and Bunny 2 until later in the year (seeing it with friends) How is it fairing so far though? Well let’s get into it after the cut with our three episode check-in!

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On my Radar for Spring 2022: Sequels, Sequels, Sequels!

Hey guys.

Winter 2022 has been a very off season, with most of what is to come being held back so a certain anime can have the limelight all to itself. However those who have been patient are going to be rewarded with a massive slate of great shows. While it is a wee bit early, I want to tell you what’s on my radar for next season! Remember that this list is subject to change, but let’s get into it after the cut!

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Parallel Paradise Volume 8: My Childhood friend is the Devil?

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! This is going to be more of a short point form version this time. As I have said in previous manga posts, sometimes there just isn’t enough to happen in a volume that is worth full paragraphs. Short and to the point has always been the mantra here at Shallow Dives in Anime, and sometimes that means cutting to the chase. Either way after the title, let’s take a dive into the eighth volume of Parallel Paradise!

Side note: Love me some thong leotards.
  • There are two big twists in this volume, the first it seems to have been a mistranslation. When I was first reading the series, Yuuta believes that the shattered landscape of Sandrino is actually the real world, but instead in the official translation he just sees it as “hell.” I wonder if that is an overcorrection, or if the author is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. 
  • The second is that the deeply jealous god seems to be Nishina, Yuuta’s childhood friend who confessed her love in an attempt to get him to not jump out the window. I am current with the manga, so I know where this goes, but I have to admit I was floored when I first saw it. It’s an interesting twist and you can be sure that Nishina’s role in the story is just going to be another notch on Yuuta’s bedpost.
  • Paradise has always been a series that doesn’t skate away from showing the kinkier sides of sex. While it never goes full hentai, there has been enough that makes you raise an eyebrow or two. This volume has one of those, with a scene that while it doesn’t go the distance, it is something to behold.
  • Going back to the first set of girls was a nice thing to see. Cast bloat has ruined many good manga series, and even Paradise with its rotating cast has many faces that feel forgetful.
  • I also liked how apparently everyone in the world knows each other, or has a passing familiarity with the other towns. I wonder if that has something to do with my theory of all the girls being sex-bots.
  • Like any good post apocalyptic story, I enjoy how the series is able to make modern technology feel magical. The ‘magical spell’ they need to unlock the door being just a 5-6 digit code is great. I love little things like that.
  • The baddie of this arc just deciding to not kill Yuuta and the others does feel like a bit of the author going “no, it can’t be that easy,” though I did enjoy the bait and twist with who it actually ends up being. You can see it from a mile away, but the execution is solid for a series like this.
  • It is shocking to see how much Yuuta has changed in the series so far. Gone is the happy-go lucky hero who think he has hit a (heh) paradise. He just treats the whole thing like his job, and is so indifferent to trying to get the girls to like him. It feels very in line with how a character like this would end up becoming.
  • Overall, Parallel Paradise volume 8 is another solid outing, with events that really start moving the plot along, and will help shift the status quo of the main characters. Good twists, good art and as always, good sex.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Volume 1: Starting Life in Another World

Our look at the light novels of Jobless Reincarnation begins! I don’t know if these will be novel by novel. There are quite a few, and I have a considerable backlog. I’ll probably do arc by arc in the future unless something important comes up. Either way I finished the first and I couldn’t put it down. So after the cut let’s take a dive into the first volume of Mushoku Tensei and see what’s what!

My thoughts on the first anime cour can be found right here!

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Parallel Paradise Volume 7: Don’t Piss on my Face and tell me it’s Raining.

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! When we last left off Yota died again and after fucking a bunch of girls again. But this time the mysterious figure who is responsible has been revealed? What will this mean for the series? Well let’s take a look at the seventh volume of the series and find out!

NSFW pictures ahead. Please read with discretion.

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Jobless Reincarnation’s Rudeus Greyrat: The Long Hard Road.

Every now and then there come characters who challenge conventions, or at the very least are a hotbed of controversy. There are discussions about them, but too often they fall into finger pointing, clout chasing, and talking PAST each other instead of TO each other. Last year, we were graced with Jobless Reincarnation, one of the best Isekai made, but also with it’s male lead. He’s one who has caused more than few mumbles and grumbles. What do I think though? Well, let’s cut through the bullshit and take a character into dive into the main character of Jobless Reincarnation: Rudeus Greyrat after the cut.

Step by Step
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Best and Worst of Anime 2021

Anime in 2021 is all but over, and it has been one hell of a year. Not the all-time banger that was 2020, but plenty of good shows that I’ve enjoyed watching. I don’t watch as much as other people, but I do watch enough to throw up one of these lists. Like I did at the halfway point, it’s time to discuss the best, and the worst of this year. Granted not much has changed, but hey, a post is a post! After the cut, here are the best and worst anime in 2021.

13+ New Year's Anime To Watch For A Happy New Year!
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