Tune of the Week: Keep your Hands off Eizouken’s Easy Breezy

Keep your Hands off Eizouken is a series that I’m going to have to check a lot of my bitterness at certain type of anime fan. Because so far it is a lovely little show about the creative process, with fresh animation and quirky characters. The opening is also damn catchy. The tune of the week is the first opening theme of the series: Easy Breezy by chelmico!

Tune of the Week(ish) Konosuba: Crimson Legend’s Symphony

The Konosuba Movie has been released in Japan and people have been raving about it, which is good for all fans of the series. While we here in the west will have to wait as we always do, we can at least enjoy the catchy movie theme. I’ve been playing this all weekend, it’s just a damn good beat. The Tune of the Week is the movie theme to Konosuba: Crimson Legend! Symphony by Machico

The Summer of Love: The Opening Themes of High School DxD

When it comes to Anime, any anime, the secret sauce is absolutely the opening and ending themes. A great opening or ending can sell many people on a show, and even if that show isn’t that good, that catchy music and great visuals can stick with viewers long afterwards. For the hundreds of anime that have come out, there have been even more opening and ending themes that have graced our screens. Many are great, some are clunky, others are annoying, and then there are some that are as iconic as the shows themselves.

We all know those. One Piece’s We are, Dragon Ball’s Cha La Head Cha La, Evangelion’s Cruel Angel’s Thesis, Gundam Wing’s Just Communication.These are just some examples that I know of music that is a vital piece of understanding a show.

So today, for The Summer of Love we are going to look at the opening and ending themes of High School DxD, and talk about what makes the good ones great, the best one iconic, and the others ones…just OK. This’ll be a two part entry, so buckle up!

Image result for high school dxd music
Time for a Titty Jam, no not like that. I wish.

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