Quick Thoughts on Mobile Suit Gundam Build Divers: Fine, It’s Fine, Just Fine.

As stated before in my post on Gundam Build Fighters, it remains probably the newest, freshest and most fun take on the Gundam franchise in the last decade and a half, mostly because it decides to go all in on a typical shonen sports plot, but combine it with all the things Gundam fans know and love. This, in turn, helps transform what would have dismissed as cynical fanservice toy commercial into a warm and fun piece of television. It was something different than what we had seen in Gundam, and it was just what the fans and franchise needed.

Well, that was almost five years ago, and two series later, does that feeling still hold up? Can Sunrise and Gundam skate by on cashing that same cheque again? It was successful for Gundam Build Fighters Try, but I’m afraid that when it comes to Gundam Build Divers, the third time just isn’t the charm.

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Really, it’s Fine. Just Fine.

Build Divers isn’t a bad series. It is not the controversial interesting mess that is Darling in the Franxx, it isn’t the lazy and trite Master of Ragnarokand neither is it the regretfully hollow feeling Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card. Really the show is fine, just fine, it’s fine. It’s average, it’s ok.

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Hey there, I heard you like Kumas

It doesn’t do anything offensively, it doesn’t disrespect the audience, even though you can sense some plotlines coming from miles away. It’s just a disposable halfway decent piece of television meant to sell model kits. However because the previous series Build Fighters was just so good, it is a shame to see how just middle of the road this next installment is. I suppose that is due to Build Fighters being the first time EVER that Gundam attempted to deviate heavily from it tried and true “Earth vs Colonies” formula that it couldn’t recapture that feeling of “oh wow, this is such a different feeling Gundam series!” Without that feeling, the predictable plot developments, well-worn tropes, and ideas,(you can just FEEL the influence of the SAO Isekai era in this one) and sadly very underdeveloped characters become much more visible and harder to forgive. You can’t recapture that feeling and while the previous series Build Fighters Try was able to carry on the torch to respectable success, Build Divers feels like the writers just running out of gas.

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Cute Girl, but you can see her story arc from outer space.


Again, Gundam Build Divers isn’t bad, and it was probably a mistake for any fan going in that Sunrise was gonna get back that feeling we first had when Build Fighters surprised the hell out of everyone. This probably was entertaining to a lot of kids and Gundam fans who are able to enjoy this lighthearted and fun look at the universe, but three series in I feel that Sunrise might be trying to rest on their laurels just a bit TOO much here.

It’s fine, just fine.

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Best Girl and I’ll hear NOTHING saying otherwise.

Mobile Suit Gundam Build Fighters: A Toy Commerical and Proud of It.

In 2011, the series Gundam AGE was released to the public. It was seen by many as an attempt to make a Gundam series directed more at kids and younger viewers compared to the older audience than had grown up with either the Alternative Timelines or the Universal Century.

People HATED it.

Aside from having dismal ratings, long-term fans derided everything from the character design, mech designs, storyline and trying to take Gundam, a series that had almost always dealt with more mature subject matter, and try to make it kid-friendly. Despite having some great music, there was little else going for AGE, and it looked like that the Gundam Franchise was going to head towards a slump.

Fast Forward to 2013, and Sunrise decided to try again at making a more Kid-friendly Gundam series, but this time they took a different route. What resulted was a show that’s massive success was never expected. After the cut let’s talk about the 2013 Gundam Series: Gundam Build Divers.

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It took Sunrise over 20 years to realize this Gold Mine of an Idea?

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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Gundam “For Dummies” (but also really good)

(Reposted from the Tumblr blog, which can be found here)

There is probably fewer series in the realm of Anime that have as long and varied history as the Gundam Franchise. Starting in the late 1970s, Mobile Suit Gundam has become a cornerstone of Japanese culture and animation, often seen by some as Japan’s version of Star Trek or Star Wars. Regardless it has spawned well over a dozen different series, several OVAs, an armful of video games, and quite possibly a literal mountain of Gunpla model kids.

With so many series, Gundam has had it’s fair share of hits and misses, as almost all franchises do when they have such length. People will argue to the end of time what is the best series, but almost all can agree that only a few have left major marks on both of the franchise, and anime in general. Today we are going to take a look at once such series, one that remains surprisingly controversial among its fans. After the cut, let’s take a look into the 2002 series Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

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Where have I seen this before?

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