Doki Doki Literature Club: The Box Trap

Two years ago, a free visual novel was released on Steam that took the video game and visual novel communities by storm. A story that blew people’s mind and sent them on a trip that had people talking for weeks. It was a visual novel made by a small handful of people, the brainchild of a single man who wanted to address his relationship with anime.

That visual novel is what we are going to talk about today. Join me after the cut as we take a dive into the surprise hit of 2017: Doki Doki Literature Club

((Doki Doki Literature Club is something I cannot talk about fully without getting into the story itself. So full spoilers right up ahead.))

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This is gonna be swell.

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Girls und Panzer: Why Not?

Here is a simple question for you: Why do you like Anime?

There is no right or wrong answer to that question, and like any form of entertainment, it is very subjective to the person watching it. When it comes to Anime I think there are several general answers though. People like Anime because of the art style, the music, the mind-blowing battles, the copious amounts of fanservice, the emotions it can bring out of you whether they are sad or go, or maybe they just like cartoons.

Asking this questions at myself I found that my answer was not what I expected, and years of engaging in anime culture and entertainment have shaped and forged that answer until now, I think I can fully answer it.

I like Anime, because when other forms of entertainment ask “Why?” Anime proudly says “Why Not?”

A show where women compete using their boobs and butts? Why not?

A show where a boy uses a robot within a robot within another robot to kill a space god? Why not?

A man with a god complex finds a magical notebook that kills people. Why not?

An entire genre revolving around a single loser guy and a bunch of girls who want nothing more than to ride his dick? Why not?

A show where a guy can cook so good it literally rips people’s clothes off? Why not?

A show where an accidental kiss turns a good upstanding girl into love nectar obsessed sex freak? Why not?

In a world where fans and people seem to be constantly ripping apart entertainment and nitpicking even the slightest plot hole, or dismissing shows because “they don’t make sense” or “don’t reflect my Politics”. Anime and Manga have proudly planted their feet on the ground and embraced the idea that ANYTHING can be good entertainment, and one show in my mind sums up that feeling perfectly. After the cut let’s take a dive into Actas Inc’s Girl und Panzer.

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Seriously, Why Not?

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