Mother of Goddess Dormitory: Comedic Absurdity, with Ecchi

I said in my last post that this season has given us two shows that have reminded me of how much I love the ecchi and harem genres. We’ve discussed the first one, now it is time to talk about the second. A show that took me by surprise, but am glad that it did. After the cut, let’s take a dive into the Mother of Goddess Dormitory.

Ecchi! Honest to god Ecchi!
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On my Radar for Summer 2021: The Eight Episode Check-In!

Summer 2021 is winding down! It’s been a very light season and I couldn’t have been happier. These breathers are important for anime fans, as it lets us digest the excellent helpings of before, and get ready for what comes next. Still there have been some fun and decent shows this time around. We are eight episodes in for most of them, so it’s time to get check in after the cut!

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