Best and Worst of Anime 2021

Anime in 2021 is all but over, and it has been one hell of a year. Not the all-time banger that was 2020, but plenty of good shows that I’ve enjoyed watching. I don’t watch as much as other people, but I do watch enough to throw up one of these lists. Like I did at the halfway point, it’s time to discuss the best, and the worst of this year. Granted not much has changed, but hey, a post is a post! After the cut, here are the best and worst anime in 2021.

13+ New Year's Anime To Watch For A Happy New Year!
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Parallel Paradise Volumes 1 and 2: Sexsekai

I never thought I’d be typing out this blog post.

I mean that. Out of every piece of literature, out of everything that I have read and watched never, in my wildest dreams, did I think this would happen. When I saw the news that this series, would be getting an official English release, and that I could purchase it in a fucking bookstore, I thought I was getting pranked. A series that has been a part of this blog, and my headspace for two years now. My first collaboration post, and quite frankly, one of the best ecchi manga to ever exist.

After the cut, let’s take a dive into the OFFICAL English release volumes 1 and 2 of Parallel Paradise.

This is a NSFW series. Please read with discretion.

Check out my initial review of the first 60+ chapters right here!

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Babylon: Fly High, Good Icarus

Did you watch Death Note?

It was one of the most popular shonen works back in its day. It was a deadly thriller that had one of the best cat and mouse stories I’ve ever seen. Despite that, most people believe that the latter half of Death Note is not as good as it’s first half, that there is a massive drop off in quality.

Why am I bringing this up, well it’s because the series I’m talking about today pretty much follows in those footsteps. After the cut let’s take a dive into the series Babylon

Image result for babylon anime poster"
Tonal Whiplash

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Lord El-Melloi II Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note: Spinoff High and Spinoff Low

Famous series and popular series are no strange to the concept of the ‘spin-off’ and that very concept has had a very sketchy record. In the west, there has been some successes: The sitcom Frasier which spun off from Cheers was wildly successful, the Arrowverse, probably the best thing to come out of DC comics in the last decade is pretty much all spin offs from one show about a B-tier super hero. However there have been also considerable clunkers, with things like Joey, AfterMash and several others never being able to recap the magic of its parent series.

For anime it is a bit different, but there is still that checkered history. Boruto is doing decent as a successor to Naruto, and A Certain Scientific Railgun is considered it some ways even better than its first series Index. Yet there have also been mixed bags, and we come to one of those today. After the cut let’s take a dive into this seasons Fate series, and spin-off Lord El-Melloi II Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note

Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note
Detective Waver

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Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century: The Cliffnotes Dive

You know what pisses me off? When you write up an entire blog post, then it gets completely deleted when you copy paste a photo. I had this whole write up on this movie, and it just vanished like that.

So fuck it, we are doing the cliff notes version of this. So after the cut let’s dive into Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century. Actually, fuck it, there is no cut. Here’s my list.

Image result for the last wizard of the century
Last Strains of my Patience I’ll tell you that.

  1. This is my favorite movie of the Conan series, and the best out of the “dubbed six” from Funimation
  2.  Wrapping the mystery up in Russian History and the legacy of the Romanov family is a great hook and carries the movie well. Even if real-life history ruins it.
  3. This is the first movie that has both Ai Haibara and Kaito Kid in a role. While Kaito Kid works well and doesn’t bog down the movie, Haibara feels very much tacked on and just here as window dressing.
  4. Being a non-canon movie, the Conan and Ran sub-plot doesn’t go anywhere, but it was still well done, and the final scene of the movie is one of the series best.
  5. As an older movie, the art is hand drawn and still has aged beautifully in comparison to other movies. The music is great and the atmosphere is perfect. They really nailed it with this one.
  6. I’ll never call the series ‘Case Closed’, it’s a stupid name and Funimation going and Americanizing all the characters is the kind of horseshit from the 4kids era, so shame. 

    Apologies for the weird format of this dive, but I didn’t want to retype everything after I lost it. Now excuse me while I go get McDonald’s to soothe my unyielding rage.

    Image result for the last wizard of the century
    I absolutely love this final scene though.