The End of Evangelion: Or How I Stopped Caring and Learned to Drink the Tang

My thoughts on the main series can be found right here!

Jesus fucking Christ.

You may remember that for my third year anniversary for the blog, I decided to finally sit down and watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, easily one of the most influential and significant anime shows in history. My thoughts after it was finished ended up being an acknowledge of that legacy, but also a resounding meh. Of course I hadn’t actually watched the real ending. And ending long considered one of the most out-there, contemplative, theorized, and just ‘what the fuck’ conclusions to a story in the anime world. Now however, I have, and in honor of my first post on the series. Let’s do this right.

Welcome to Shallow Dives in Anime. This is The End of Evangelion.

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Three Years of Shallow Dives in Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Each year, we mark the anniversary of Shallow Dives in Anime with a special review. A show that for some reason or another holds a special place in my heart. It may be because it is good, or because it was bad. There may be personal reasons behind it, or it may have been something dogging my footsteps. Either way these reviews are a long time coming and ones I put a lot of thought into.

The first year I took another look at Shinmai Maou no Testament, and made peace with a show that was almost singularly responsible for getting me into blogging.

The second year I caved in and finally watched Chivalry of a Failed Knight, a show I had deeply personal reasons for avoiding.

Both shows I ended up leaving with a newfound respect, and in the case of Knight, an appreciation for. The show we are talking about this year needs no introduction, but it is something that ever since I started this blog, I knew would end up happening. A reckoning that I couldn’t run away from. A show that any anime fan worth his salt has to end up confronting, good or ill, bad or good.

Welcome to Shallow Dives in Anime. This is Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Happy times.
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Don’t @ Me: Seven of My Anime Opinions: 9 days before Redo of Healer edition

Enjoy these peaceful days, cause shit is gonna get real.

Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, the place, like girls who put ribbons around their boobs to make them bigger. I foolishly throw out my views and thoughts on all things anime and manga. We took a few weeks off because of holidays and the back-log, but we are back into it, so let’s get going!

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon – Anime Review | Nefarious  Reviews
Sometimes it is as simple as tying a ribbon under your tits and you have an iconic design
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Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Neon Genesis Evangelion Edition

We all knew this was coming.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most influential anime series of all time has finally been put on Netflix. Regardless of your personal opinions on the series, finally being able to see it on a legal platform, after years of forcing to buy overpriced dvds, or bootleg versions, is a welcome sight. And what better way to celebrate it then with some opinions!

Welcome to Don’t @ Me, where like Shinji’s crippling depression. I rise up from the darkness to deliver some hard biting truths about anime. It’s raw, to the point and has more leg than Misato. Join me after the cut as I give you ten of my opinions, some snarky, some genuine, about this legendary series.

Image result for get in the damn robot shinji
I don’t care about your hot-take on Shinji’s relationship with his dad. This is still fucking funny.


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The Great Works of Anime: My List

A little while, I made a post talking about what the “Great Works” of Anime were, and I spoke about how a great work is not the best one, or the most famous, but the one that leaves behind an everlasting legacy that affects everything that comes after it. It doesn’t matter if you like the show or not, what matters is that show’s legacy and influence and it’s affect on fans of all stripes.

This week I’ll be doing my lead up to the 3-month blogging project in which I examine whether or not a certain series could be considered a great work of its genre, and also just seeing how it holds up after awhile.

For now though, I want to run off a list of the anime and manga that I think are the art-form’s great works. I don’t have one for each genre, so this is more of a personal list, of what I think are the most likely to be, or will be Great Works. Check em out after the cut.

Image result for anime meme paper
Extremely Subjective List Up Ahead

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What is a ‘Great Work’ in Anime?

Hey Guys

Throughout my time on WordPress, readers might have seen me bring up the words “Great Work” several times, across several different blog posts. I’ve mentioned how some series are either a great work of it’s genre, or close to becoming it. What I haven’t mentioned though is what exactly do I mean by a “Great Work”

Well since this coming June I’ll be starting a three month long blogging project investigating whether a certain series is worth of being called the “great work” of its genre, I wanted to take some time to lay out my thoughts on the idea of a “great work” in the realm of Anime. So after the cut let’s take a dive into my thoughts.

Image result for anime thinking
And the identify of the series shouldn’t surprise ANYONE who reads this blog.

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