No Game No Life: Please Press Start to Continue

I’ve made more than few comments on the Isekai boom, and that the genre is squandering it’s vast potential by focusing on the same story beats over and over again. As of this era in the anime world, I consider only a handful of series to be the truly excellent, well done and just plain ‘good’ Isekai. These big four: The Saga of Tanya the Evil, ReZero, Konosuba and Overlord. There are other series that are of course good, I always have a soft spot of love for In Another World with my Smartphone, but I do believe that “The Big Four” are the best the genre has had to offer fans.

However I might have to change that number, because I’ve finally gotten around to finishing this one. After the cut let’s take a dive into the series No Game No Life.

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Seriously, somebody press start to continue!

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Don’t @ Me: Back to School with 8 more Anime Opinions

It’s September, which means kids are going back to school, but that won’t stop anime opinions from being made. Don’t @ Me returns to slap the homework of 8 more spicy opinions on anything related to anime and manga. Buckle up for it after the cut.

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Chew that candy Kanna.

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