On my Radar for Summer 2020: The (mostly) eight episode check-in!

Summer 2020 is entering the final stages and for reasons I won’t share, I’m an emotional wreck right now. Either way it’s time to check in with what I’m watching and see how we stand. Let’s get into our eight episode check-in after the cut!

Promising New Anime Releases for early Summer 2018 - FAD Magazine
Surprising lack of bikinis this time around.

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Tune of the Week(ish): No Guns Life’s Chaos Drifters

Talk about a surprise entry in the ‘best opening of 2020’. I thought it was between Kaguya-Sama, Sword Art Online and Hamefura, but then this little beat shows up. The Tune of the Week is the second opening theme of No Guns Life: Chaos Drifters by Sawano Hiroyuki and featuring Jean-Ken Johnny.

On my Radar for Spring 2020: With Deepest Respect to No Game No Life

Winter 2020 has been a very meh affair. While it has been good for me to watch some shows that have been on the list, that won’t be the case with Spring 2020. The season is looking to be absolutely stacked (though a little less with ReZero being delayed), with so many series getting their second seasons. Expect this list to change, but let’s not waste anytime, join me after the cut as I tell you whats on my radar for Spring 2020!

Image result for anime spring picture
Cherry Blossoms in a Pandemic

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No Guns Life: Dude, Pull my Trigger

I’ll admit that despite being a member of the 90s anime generation, who grew up when anime was still on television at decent hours, I never watched Cowboy Bebop. I know, I know, the series that is considered a landmark for the genre, to many the Firefly of the anime world. I know that one day I’ll get around to watching it, but I won’t deny it’s legacy.

A legacy that shows up a bit in the series I’m talking about today. Join me after the cut as I dive into the series No Guns Life.

No Guns Life
Let’s shoot bullets outta our guns!

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On My Radar for Fall 2019: The (Mostly) Eight Episode Check-In!

The Fall season and the final run for 2019 is nearing it’s end. The decade is going to close on a decent note, as the last part of the year has delivered some solid anime so far, and I’ve been enjoying it far more than the rest of what 2019 has offered. We are eight episodes in and it’s time to once again give you my thoughts on what I’m watching. Check it out after the cut!

Image result for anime fall pictures
It’s always thigh time.

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On my Radar for Fall 2019: The (Mostly) Three Episode Check-In!

The Fall season is chugging along and it has been a rather surprising run so far. With several great shows that are picking up the slack for a rather off year, though after the all around banner one 2018 was, perhaps we are just being a bit too hard. Either way it’s been almost three episodes now for most shows and I’m here to let you know what my thoughts are! I’ve added a few more to the list as well so join me after the cut!

Image result for anime fall pictures
No cold weather will stop skirts

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On my Radar for Fall 2019: An Ecchi, Moar Fate, a Detective Thriller, and SHIP GIRL WAIFUS!!!!!#!!$!$!$!#!#

Summer is all but over, and it’s time to put on some nice coats and have pumpkin spice on literally fucking everything. It also means a new anime season! Fall 2019 is the last of what has been a see-saw of a year for anime, with some great hits, and more than few misses. I’ve picked a handful of shows I’m going to be talking about on the blog, so let’s check em out after the cut!

Related image
Cold weather doesn’t stop skirts.

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