Quick Thoughts on Overlord Season 2: Softcore Lizardman Porn

My (quick) look in the anime version of the Overlord series continues! Like I said before, I’ve already gone into what actually happens in this series when I discussed the light novel source material. But now thanks to a friend, I actually¬†sat down and watched the anime series, and it’s only fair that I give out my thoughts on what I saw. Let’s get into these quick thoughts on season 2 after the cut!

My thoughts on the Light Novel source material can be found here and here!

Edited for Television
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Quick Thoughts on: Overlord Season 1: This one time, in The Great Tomb of Nazarick

I’ve made it no secret that I struggled, STRUGGLED to get through the anime version of Overlord. While I found more success with the Light Novels, I knew I should try the anime again. Recently I sat down with a buddy and watched all three seasons. And while I don’t want to re-hash all my thoughts about what is the same stuff, I do want to take a moment and get my quick thoughts out on the first season. Let’s get into this after the cut!

Check out my thoughts on the Light Novel source material here, here and here!

  • The first season remains the strongest out of the three displayed so far. Mostly because the story is focused completely on Ainz and his servants. They have always been the best part of the series, especially as Ainz tries to Mr. Magoo his way through world domination, and his fear that there may be people more powerful of him (but there isn’t)
  • The setting and plot of this first season makes Overlord the most ‘bland’ of the Big Four. It doesn’t have Tanya’s fresh setting, Konosuba’s comedy, or ReZero’s deeper character twists. Still, the use of a unique main character, and the atmosphere help sell the show regardless.
  • Which is why every time the series pulls itself out of the Ainz central story, things just tend to fall apart. I’ll get more into this in the second season, but it is a problem, but thankfully not one that shows up most in this season.
  • I was surprised at fast, but properly paced this season was. It covers three full light novels (and these are meaty books), and there were no major events or anything that were cut. I can’t recall any fine details, but I was surprised at how well structured.
  • Clementine’s death is probably Overlord’s best moment throughout all three seasons. She’s a great baddy and her getting her ass kicked by Ainz was damn satisfying. The fight with Shalltear was a close second, and I like how the close call gives Brain (still a really dumb fucking name) a chance to be a better person.
  • In regards to the way the anime looks and sounds, I will say that the animation is okay, but when put up against the light novel’s fucking fantastic art, and the end-credit pictures, it just doesn’t look good. It’s very bland, and a little bit too ‘clean’ for my tastes. Again it is never rough, but I wish there was a bit more grit and style ala Jobless Reincarnation.
  • The voice cast though, in both dub and sub are top tier though. I love Ainz’s voice as well as Albedo’s and Demiurge. It’s a very solid cast.
  • Overall, like I said, the first season is the strongest, but Overlord has always remained the weakest of the Kadokawa ‘big four.’

(Very) Quick thoughts on Fruits Basket: The Final: Anthology Adventures

Well, here we are. It’s been a long ride, but we are now at the final season of this series. I’ve got a post on my initial views of the entire story coming up later this week. I want to save most of my words for that, but I wanted to get out some quick thoughts on the third and final season before that. So let’s take a quick look into Fruits Basket; The Final.

Sadness, Bad Parents III: The Final Sad
  • The Final works when it does what Fruits Basket has always been good at: focusing on the secondary characters. In many ways this third season becomes the anthology series it probably always should have been.
  • Because honestly? I can’t give a fuck about Tohru and Kyo or their relationship. I like the central theme of Fruits Basket being about ‘moving on’ and ‘change’, but there is very little that I could grab onto with these characters. It’s probably because for vast swaths of story, Kyo is just absent, and Tohru seems to be only there for the other characters to have a sounding board.
  • Hell, I was more invested in Kureno and Arisa’s relationship than pretty much anything else. That felt like it had real sparks and chemistry.
  • Still, Tohru’s confrontation with Akito is well done, and her kindness and compassion, the ‘no-strings attached’ love she shows her is pretty much in line with her character.
  • Seeing Yuki step up to the plate and be a guiding force for Machi is a good way to end his character. I’ve been on record saying that Yuki takes up too much of the story, but now that his journey more or less finished by the time The Final begins, it’s nice to see how much he’s changed.
  • “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened’ is pretty much THE quote you can use to sum up the entire main plot of Fruits Basket. Not everything can last forever, staying locked into one state of being is not healthy, and as much as it might hurt, moving on into the unknown is the right thing to do. There will be good days and bad, but at least you are alive.
  • And yeah, those final moments of the series are damn good. Say what you will about the entire series (which I will), Fruits Basket absolutely sticks its landing where it needs to.

Quick Thoughts on: Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 Announcement: Well that was a coincidence!

Man, I finished my re-dive at of the first season at the perfect time, didn’t I? This new is red hot off the presses, so there is no information on a release date, or even window.

But if you have missed it. Saga of Tanya the Evil is getting a second season!

I won’t re-hash my thoughts (again, I posted them literally this week), so I’ll just say that I’m thrilled this is happening. With the entire staff including studio returning to helm the next outing, hopefully there won’t be a downgrade that second seasons do often have.

Either way, Tanya is coming back, so buckle the fuck up.

Re-Dive, Quick Thoughts Edition on Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel III. spring song: This title is too long

A few months ago I sat down and watched the final installment of the Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy. Yesterday I sat down and watched it again. I knew that this movie would require a second viewing, and I wanted to see if my thoughts had changed. If you recall, I considered the final film to be ‘good, not great,’ with tons of great moments, but also suffering a bit from plotting decisions done in the first two movies. Has that changed now that I’ve watched again with lowered expectations?

Yes, and no. Much of my feelings are the same, which is why I’m doing this as a ‘quick thoughts’ instead of a full on post, there isn’t much to say that I haven’t already said. However those feelings have improved considerably. So let’s check them out after the cut.

My initial thoughts on the series are right here!

Swords for hands!

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Quick Thoughts on The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Announcement: Wow!

This news is red-hot off the presses, but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to discuss it. Shocking pretty much everyone, it is has been revealed that the classic The Devil is a Part-Timer, eight years after it’s initial run, is returning for a second season!

This is frankly shocking, but amazing news. The Devil is a Part Timer is an isekai classic, with a great cast, great humor, and one of Funimation’s most excellent dubs. (Josh Grelle as Maou remains one of his best performances.) We may forget that anime are often seen as ads for light novels, and since Part-Timer ended last year (with an conclusion that has rankled some fans), plus the eight year gap between seasons, it was pretty much thought that a season 2 would never happen, yet here we are.

No news other than that, and we’ll have to see how a trailer and studio pan out, but I’m thrilled about this. Part-Timer is great, and this is another example of the anime industry slowing becoming willing to continue popular light novel series. That can mean only good things for shows like High School DxD, or (we can only pray) No Game No Life. Still, it’s great to see such a beloved anime get a second bite at the apple, and you can be sure that when it comes out in the future, I’ll be watching it!


Quick Thoughts on Tsukihime VN Remake: Starring Shiki (but not that Shiki)

Also it’s boy Shiki, not “boy” Shiki, it also isn’t the other Shiki either. It’s just Shiki? Got it?


Surprising many people, myself included, the big reveal for Fate special presentation was the confirmation that Tsukihime, one of the original VNs of the Nasu-verse is getting a full on high definition remake in 2021! Fans are of course very thrilled, and I can’t blame them. While I have not read Tsukihime, it is considered a widely beloved visual novel, and laid the ground work (as well as carrying over concepts from The Garden of Sinners) for what eventually becomes Fate/Stay Night, and well, the rest is history.

There is no word yet of a possible English release, though I do hold out hope. Fans are also excited for the prospect of an anime series to follow, considering the trailer was animated by Studio Ufotable. No one knows what will happen, but you can be sure that if we get this overseas, I’ll waste no time trying to pick it up. Tsukihime is always something I really wanted to look into, and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later!

Quick Thoughts on: How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Season 2 Announcement: Joy! Sweet Joy!

This news is RED HOT right now, but I couldn’t wait. This is the best thing I could have heard today. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is getting a second season in 2021!

I can’t be any happier. Demon Lord was the best ecchi of 2019, and when your competition is High School DxD’s excellent fourth season, you know that were something special. Demon Lord is a fun, funny and absolutely sexy series that I have praised time and time again. I honestly however didn’t think that it would get a second season, but I couldn’t be more pleased to be wrong.

This, along with Date A Live’s announcement last month has been great news for fans of ecchi and harem. I was honestly concerned that the genre’s best days were behind it, but it seems there is going to be a buffet of solid shows coming in the future. The only thing that could make this better is the long awaited confirmation of a fifth season of High School DxD.

Either way, I’m absolutely fucking thrilled.

Quick Thoughts on The Last Two Episodes of Azur Lane: Yvan Eht Nioj

The last two episodes of the anime Azur Lane, which were pushed back due to the animators needing more time, have just been released. When I gave my thoughts on the series back when it was airing, I said it was for two types of people: Fans of the mobile game (like me!) or someone who was watching a rather sub par show with tons of cute girls. Now that the series has wrapped up, what are my final thoughts?

Azur lane


That’s pretty much it. The show was decent before, and the last two episodes do very little, if anything to change my mind. Aside from the absolutely kicker theme song, Azur Lane was a exactly what it was suppose to be: A commercial for the mobile game. However unlike Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia from the Fate series, this anime didn’t have a story or compelling enough characters to make it work. Frankly, the show has too many characters for it to work, and too often the plot wasn’t able to get on a even footing, when there was one. If Azur Lane had finished before 2019 had ended, it very well might have been my worst anime of that year, just because there is no real heart put into it.

I’m not mad though, I play the mobile game because I like collecting sexy anime ship girls, and by all accounts, the game is doing swimmingly (heh) at the moment. This anime was harmless enough that I never felt my time was wasted, but it also felt that I wasn’t seeing the best of what it could have been. There has been rumblings that another anime from another studio is coming in the future, one that is more comedic, so that will be something to look forward to. I like the world of Azur Lane, and I wish that that world had been given just a bit more love. Either way..I got my Bismarck.


Quick Thoughts on Date A Live Season 4 Announcement: Once Again, Let’s start our Date…

This news is red hot off the presses right now (for me at least) but I just had to get my thoughts out. It has been announced that Date A Live has been green-lit for a fourth season!

Date A Live IV

This is wonderful news. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Date A Live is the absolute pinnacle of the ‘B-tier’ harem series. The best series that is “solidly good, but not great.” To see it get a fourth season, especially after the rough production of the third is nothing short of a surprise. I had a feeling it would happen sometime, but to see it confirmed so soon after the end of the third seasons (which was last year!) gives me hope for other harem series like High School DxD. Also, to see this happen the same week that the final light novel volume releases (coincidence I’m sure) is a happy thought.

We have next to no information about it right now, but even at its worst (animation wise), Date A Live has always been an entertaining and fun romp. My only personal hope is that sweet ARMS, who has sung all three opening themes will return for the fourth.

It’s safe to say that I’m THRILLED at this news, and you can be sure that talk about Date A Live will be showing up again on this blog in the future.